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T14 heavy tank bad?

T14 Heavy Tank USA Tanks

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FullSalvoo #1 Posted Jul 04 2020 - 05:18


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So before I begin, I would like to give a little context...I use to play the PC and Console Versions of World of Tanks back in both their early stages and on both platforms I had the American T14 heavy tank..(when I played it on PC, it was on a different account)...I stop playing the console version recently because, lets be honest here...the whole idea of "Mercenary tanks" is broken and the game on console is now practically pay to win, and i decided to make a new account on the PC version recently just so that i could get back into the thick of things...as I was looking around to see what was new and what they had changed...I noticed that the American T14 Heavy Tank was gone...It wasn't in the collectors tab in the tech tree either. So I decided to dive deep into the internet to find out why it was gone. I wasn't able to confirm it...but from the looks of the wiki page (which was all the resource i could find to back this theory of mine up)...was because the tank was terrible.


I remember playing the tank and It wasn't terrible...the only time it was, was because I had put myself in a predicament where I was going to die regardless of what i did. I remember you could angle the hull of the tank and you would be able to bounce off shots left and right. It was a decent tank that was reliable. I don't understand why they couldn't just rework it. If they want to get rid of bad tanks, How about the VK 36.01 H German tier 6 heavy tank, or the O-I Experimental Japanese heavy tank.


The devs have the balls to rework the tech tree of the game and add an "R35 light tank" as well as a few other light tanks...change the customization system in the game...but can't rework other tanks to make them better and maybe even more enjoyable? I mean, I don't see why not.


I mean people complain about the Russian T-127 but I don't see the issues...its an overall fun, balanced, and reliable tank...just like the T14 was back in the game's early days.


But hey that's just my opinion.

SuperJaws100 #2 Posted Jul 04 2020 - 05:24


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I don't know what you're talking about. The T14 is a premium, it was never available in the Tech Tree.

Necrocommaner #3 Posted Jul 04 2020 - 05:49


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View PostSuperJaws100, on Jul 04 2020 - 04:24, said:

I don't know what you're talking about. The T14 is a premium, it was never available in the Tech Tree.

This is incorrect as it was in the tech tree for gold until a few years ago.


tod914 #4 Posted Jul 04 2020 - 05:56


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It's offered fairly regularly in tankrewards.com missions.  Try hiding your machine gun port on the hull.  Might help a bit with slight angling.

BaconMeLoveIt #5 Posted Jul 04 2020 - 07:07


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The T14 heavy tank on PC is great for its tier.

Majority of those 318 games on my T14 is from I initially trained my T110E5 crew before I moved them to train on T34. :P


Don't know about console since I don't play WoT on console.


It is offered every now an then on premium shop.

Baron_Von_Krieg #6 Posted Jul 04 2020 - 11:30


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People complain about the T-127 ? 

Trakks #7 Posted Jul 11 2020 - 06:57


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View PostBaron_Von_Krieg, on Jul 04 2020 - 10:30, said:

People complain about the T-127 ? 

Have you ever played against a platoon of them? 

SquareCanine #8 Posted Jul 19 2020 - 19:04

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The T14 has what you might call lucky armour. It's not really thick enough to make it a tank that really wants to be taking shots, but it's plenty good enough to swat away stray shots or lower penetration rolls, especially if you think of it as a heavy medium. I guess I'd generally consider it to be a good anti-medium/medium supporter tank. The gun is well suited to vehicles of less substantial protection, and the armour will do a lot of work if you give yourself some space from the enemies. It's certainly a tank that likes to have friendly support.


Enjoy the money and crew xp, and the preferential match making. Frankly, I don't think any of the other tier 5 heavies are anything to write home about either. It's a pretty mediocre place all around unless you're a T1 or...I forget the other one. KV-1 maybe?

Wihtgar #9 Posted Jul 22 2020 - 23:50


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It's kind of the heavy version of the M4 Improved.  The armor is a little bouncierr than a stock M4, and it has more hitpoints.  But it's not a super great tank since it's stuck with the 75mm gun.  You get the poor accuracy, poor penetration and low alpha of the 75mm gun.  Properly crewed and equipped it can fire fairly fast.  I have it and the M4 Improved.  I like the M4 Improved better since it is faster, but neither of them are crowd shockers.  They are both pretty mediocre.  It's sort of "meh" tank.  I did not pay much for it.

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