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Incoming! Equipment Sandbox results are in.

KRZY sandbox results check it out

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Craig234 #41 Posted Jul 13 2020 - 19:53


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View Postratpak, on Jul 13 2020 - 10:49, said:

I would love to know who gave them the "positive" feedback


Haven't you noticed there are some posters who always behave certain ways - defend Wargaming, attack Wargaming, attack posters, etc.?

TAKL_82 #42 Posted Jul 13 2020 - 20:01


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BTW people lets not forget this is for the new players so it is not confusing, rather then putting 6 - 7 different pieces of equipment on all your tanks it is much easier in future;


tier 2s ave one slot tier 3 have 2 slots and tier 4-10 have 3 slots, some tanks as we seem fit have allocated slots for one of the 4 new catagories of equipment, rammers are the same all other equipments have 3 classes except camo which has 2 classes and oh yeah stabilizers, binocs & rammers have ony 2 classes but that coz you can't mount them on tier 2 - 4s. If you place one of the equipments from the catagory of the slot of that catagory the effet of the equipment is amplified the tanks, tool boxes, ammo rack s will become a new equipment and the effect of bonded equipment has increased but doesn t increase if you place it into a slot of that catagory unlike the standard equipment. the equipment you have will automatically be changed to its new class as each tier 2 - 4 is class 3, tier 5 - 8 is class 2 and finally tier 8 - 10 s class 1. However this is not the case for spall liners as they stay the same as before and have 4 classes ;)


Old players just have to grind a load of credits again and sit in teir garage for a day or 2 to reorganise their tanks



tod914 #43 Posted Jul 13 2020 - 20:15


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View PostCraig234, on Jul 13 2020 - 13:53, said:


Haven't you noticed there are some posters who always behave certain ways - defend Wargaming, attack Wargaming, attack posters, etc.?


Seek and thy shall find.



St0rm08 #44 Posted Jul 13 2020 - 20:27


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The new Vstabs doesn't reduce turret dispersion by 20% anymore... which will nerf gun handling for every tank that could mount it... why would WG do this? Nothing else got nerfed. This is probably the worst change imo.


Nvm, its still the same in-game, just mistranslated/worded poorly in the news article.

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latvius #45 Posted Jul 13 2020 - 20:55

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View Postratpak, on Jul 13 2020 - 19:49, said:

I would love to know who gave them the "positive" feedback

I did I think a lot of the changes are good (your wish granted).  Personally I liked being able to put a turbo charger on the mauchen and t95 and actually be able to get somewhere at a decent speed.  Or putting the anti-ammo rack (whatever it's called) on my 113 so it isn't ammo racked every single match.

For the other guy who posted about the commanders vision wrecking the game, I tried it and didn't notice much of anything so no game wasn't wrecked for me.


Makes me wonder how many of you actually tested these things out?

gtvapsamtik122 #46 Posted Jul 13 2020 - 21:16


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My understanding is that equipment cost is not being decreased but it is going to remain the same or going upwards direction depending on the class.


Also please DISMOUNT all the equipment's from all the vehicles in Garage. This way we can change the setup according to new changes. Also 10 dismount kit is nothing when you have over 50+ vehicles...... WG is making us spend more Credits...

DrWho_ #47 Posted Jul 13 2020 - 21:28


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View PostKRZYBooP, on Jul 13 2020 - 16:39, said:

Howdy Boom Jockeys!


The results for the Sandbox equipment can be found HERE.


So many things for some new equipment changes. 


Don't waste your time on reading this just go to that link up there!


If I posted my honest opinion on this change I would earn myself a forum ban. You guys insist on messing about with stuff that nobody except for the devs at WG thinks needs to be changed but the things we actually ask for is totally ignored


*Better* maps and better map rotation se we don't see the same maps over and over

Bug fixes, like the the "vertigo" thing that screws up your vision if you go to external view while next to a tall building

Broken bushes and /or a better way to distinguish between a dense bush and somewhat useless bush

OP tanks, reward and Premium. Good grief it's taken you over a year to do *anything* to the wheeled menace

Yes you listen to our opinion when it came to the ammo rework, which again included things that weren't really broken, but most times you don't unless we speak Russian


There are 2 ways to read this thing


1. *All* equipment is being demounted and sent to the depot. In which case I'll not only have to re-equip 200+ tanks but a lot of the equipment I have won't fit on tanks of different tiers


2. I'll be getting 30 demounting kits to remove any equipment I would want to remove after this is implemented and that's it


Really, you're going to rework everything and this is your solution for existing players with large amounts of tanks ?


Next up, who thought it was a fantastically good idea to make binocs and nets complex equipment. I have 97 LTs and TDs, not all of them use these of course but I estimate I'll have to equip 50+ tanks after this silliness goes through because you change the rules after the fact ?


Do your devs even think about stuff like this or is it actually deliberate to make us spend more money to be able to keep playing.... as if we don't spend enough as it is

Your devs are a bunch of wan***s and you can tell them I said so

Necrophore #48 Posted Jul 13 2020 - 21:47


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View PostTAKL_82, on Jul 13 2020 - 11:01, said:

Old players just have to grind a load of credits again and sit in teir garage for a day or 2 to reorganise their tanks


Reorganizing the garage is not a threat. My OCD is looking forward to spending a couple days getting all of the equipment into the right slots. 


(I am not regrinding credits for a thousand pieces of equipment, though. That's a quick way to make me stop playing at all.)

Volcanic_lobster_220 #49 Posted Jul 13 2020 - 22:22


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When you don't play the game anymore but come back just to laugh at the Updates getting worse: :popcorn:

ThePigSheFlies #50 Posted Jul 13 2020 - 22:41


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View PostTAKL_82, on Jul 13 2020 - 14:01, said:



Old players just have to grind a load of credits again and sit in teir garage for a day or 2 to reorganise their tanks




I have nearly 65m credits.  I have zero interest in actually learning the system, and then having to apply those changes across hundreds of tanks while more glaring problems also exist that hinder my entertainment value in this game.


This game's chief winning mechanism has always been quite simply put about positioning.  The meta equipment was simple to understand by anyone willing to spend even a moment asking what everyone was using on xyz tank - and in the end it probably will be with this 'new' system as well, because there are ALWAYS optimal / meta builds in any class based system.


So, it's back to the principle of things. 


This is change for the sake of change while ignoring changes that in my opinion would be more important.  Because let's be real, at ~10+ years old this game isn't growing at a rate where new players that need to be protected/coddled by equipment changes

cloudwalking #51 Posted Jul 13 2020 - 22:59

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A lot of common sense answers and questions in this thread.  Non coming from WG however.


WG screwed me out of over 400k XP with the collectors tab...I'd say those of you worried about 30 demounting kits and getting seriously screwed in terms of credits and time....get ready to be reamed.   


Seriously out of touch, WG.  Like, new levels of bullshiit.  I don't expect WG to look out for us in the least.  If they can make us pay for demounting all this shiit and reseting tanks...they will.


I've wondered if this equipment change would do it for me and it's looking like it just might.  


They will 100000% screw people over.  If you dropped 500k for that piece of equipment and it's changed into a 50k piece...shrugs, you still have your piece of equipment and you got to use that old piece so you are not being robbed....is EXACTLY how WG will look at it.   Mark my words.  Don't expect them to demount anything and don't expect to be compensated the true amount of credit you spent on certain items.

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Cetopsis #52 Posted Jul 13 2020 - 23:20


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No one asked for this. The current equipment system is perfectly fine. This will completely destroy one of the most basic aspects of this game: the ability to learn the characteristics of different tanks, and use that knowledge in your matches. With this new equipment change, you will now have NO IDEA what an enemy tank's spotting ability is.


"Can that T-100 LT spot me behind these two bushes? I know the tank's base view range, and it's view range with optics and a good crew, but does it have the Commander's Vision System equipped? I have no idea. I have no idea what his spotting ability actually is, so I will camp just in case."


This is an example of how Equipment 2.0 will change this game for the worse. It will make everything more of a guessing game (especially in regards to spotting), because there is no way to see what new equipment another tank has equipped. This is simply a way to add even more RNG to this game--and I challenge Wargaming to show us a list of players that have asked for more RNG. 

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Fokyc #53 Posted Jul 13 2020 - 23:28


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WG, why do you even bother with the so called community input? It seems that you do what you want regardless of testing, comments, community input, etc. I get that you want to create some vision of legitimacy but honestly, why bother? At the end of the day, you just jam this s**t down everyone's throats anyway. As everyone in this thread already said before, no one asked you fix what wasn't broken in the first place. Leave it alone or start looking for another job (at least your NA staff). Keep messing with the player base and one day soon enough, there will be no player base to mess with. 

Cartwright #54 Posted Jul 13 2020 - 23:59


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I just want to know which wargaming tech is going to spend the 40 or so hours figuring out and reinstalling the equipment on my 450 or so tanks. It took me 3 nights just to fix the ammo on my low tier tanks after the last fix. Just like wargaming to make something easier for the new players by making it 3 times harder to understand. If they were really interested in fixing stuff lets start with the blueprints. I have 5 universal and about 500 national. Why wouldn't they fix this part of the game by  letting you use the national blueprints to discount your tank research and universals to use for any nation in place of the nationals maybe just requiring more of them. Plus the crew skills are and have been a disaster for literally the entire time the game has existed, but why fix those. I love getting a training manual that gives you 250k per crew member or in other words 500k crew xp on one tank and 1500k on another just because of crew size. Why not just a set amount per tank so I don't feel cheated using it on a 3 crew tank. And who here will live long enough to max out crew skills on the commander of a 2 crew tank. No lets just "fix" the one part of the game that sort of works. 

makalu2k6 #55 Posted Jul 14 2020 - 00:22


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I have 474 tanks in the Garage and you are giving me 30 demount kits. 


Also why there is no compensation for the conversion. 

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Ahrtoo #56 Posted Jul 14 2020 - 00:30


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View PostCetopsis, on Jul 13 2020 - 23:20, said:

"Can that T-100 LT spot me behind these two bushes? I know the tank's base view range, and it's view range with optics and a good crew, but does it have the Commander's Vision System equipped? I have no idea. I have no idea what his spotting ability actually is, so I will camp just in case."


Exactly what I was thinking. With more uncertainty most players will play more conservatively.


Well played, WG. Well played.


FrontenacDuVandoo #57 Posted Jul 14 2020 - 01:11


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Normally when a game does a major change like this its customary to give out a free way to re-spec your gear. In this case it would be free demounting of all equipment for a week or two, automatically demounting everything, or giving enough demount kit so that we can demount everything for free.

Limiting it to 1 demount kit per tank when each tank has 3 slots is cheap. Limiting it to 30 demount kits is insulting.


This also means that you are not even giving us the opportunity to test out new equipment configuration once the new system hits the live server. We will have to do it at our own expense.



What class will be assigned to equipment in the depot that currently don't have a class?

Specifically: Coated optics, Camo net, Binoc, EGLD.

For example I have 20 coated optics in my depot at the moment, what will happen to them? Will you change them all to class 1, to class 3, a mix of all classes... I stand to lose a lot of credits if they all go to class 3.


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Wolfer12 #58 Posted Jul 14 2020 - 01:29


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No one wants it this stupid [edited].

Fix premium ammo, fix MM, add maps...

Stop feeding players with stupid stuff.

Herr_Apotheker #59 Posted Jul 14 2020 - 01:55


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I have played in  the sandbox... equipment 2.0 is not the most intuitive, wonder if they will tweak the sandbox slot concept that assigns equipment to the three slots. i.e. if you have the "wrong" item in a spot/slot, its apparently not as "good". Why does it matter, aren't all the items simply piled into the (+/-) % system anyway..?

But, happily stunned to see concept or up armoring/durability show up as available in "Hardening" of the hull. Up armoring concepts have been laughably absent, and this is interesting.

SilverSpike #60 Posted Jul 14 2020 - 02:36


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30 kits? Wow even expecting you to shaft players with these changes  I am stunned at how bad this is. Bravo Wargaming you never cease to amaze.

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