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Insanefriend #61 Posted Aug 08 2020 - 04:26


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View PostGWyatt, on Aug 07 2020 - 16:12, said:

I guess I'm missing something here on earning bonds in lower tiers, because I'm still earning 25 bonds a day (or so) by completing my daily missions and I haven't even started playing tier 8 yet. The only thing I don't have now is the one or two bonds I would get with an occasional Epic Medal, which is no big deal.


Are all of you earning so many Epic Medals in a game that you are really missing the couple of bonds from that?


EDIT: In fact, I just now earned 125 bonds in a tier 5 battle by completing some missions.


I earn quite a few, as I get a high caliber or top gun every ten battles or so if not more often.  If the amount is so little as you say why take away the bonus from the epic medals in the first place and not just allow both methods?  My guess is that Wargamming crunched the numbers and found good players at mid tiers can earn more then the amount they were giving out to players currently playing tier ten.  As tier tens always were able to earn bonds on a per battle basis, they just didn't have a cap.


Gotta remember that one really good game at mid tiers could net you 30 bonds.  Which is 30% of each tier tens cap.

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hoyol #62 Posted Aug 09 2020 - 09:34


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Can you give me an option to get rid of those purple background color for tier 10 tanks? This annoys me so much

sailorboy7982 #63 Posted Aug 10 2020 - 04:02

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I don't play T10 and not sure I will. I have 1 T9 that I got as a reward for FL.  So I guess little to no bonds for me.

purzelgnom #64 Posted Sep 12 2020 - 18:35


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"Making Bonds more available to the masses!"



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