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How to free up bunks?

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_joit_ #1 Posted Jul 31 2020 - 13:47


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My barracks says 0 of 16 bunks available but I can't see anyone in the barracks.  How do I free up these 16 bunks?  Don't want to pay to expand the barracks.

BrianTheBomber #2 Posted Jul 31 2020 - 13:52


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Buy A Tier 1 Tank or 5, I mean get one they are free, If you have garage slots that is.


Edit - Also change the sitting in the barracks, you can change it to see Crew in Tanks or in the barracks, as well as dismissed crew members. There is a drop down menu on the left side that also has the different Nations. 

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AndrewSledge #3 Posted Jul 31 2020 - 13:55


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Reset the filters in the barracks so it shows all crew member positions, all nations.

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sunes #4 Posted Jul 31 2020 - 14:34


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You can use rental vehicles and other junk in your garage as crew storage. If you don't play the tank or you can't cause your time has expired then you can use it as bunks thus if WG ever does any rentals just pick them up.


As to why you can't see, you should try and reset the filters in your bunks to display everyone.

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bake3020 #5 Posted Jul 31 2020 - 14:41


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View Post_joit_, on Jul 31 2020 - 12:47, said:

My barracks says 0 of 16 bunks available but I can't see anyone in the barracks.  How do I free up these 16 bunks?  Don't want to pay to expand the barracks.

You can only do one of these following things: 1) any crew member that is totally not needed, dismiss.  2) Any crew member that is below 100%, dismiss.  3) Put all crew members back onto any tank they can go onto.  4) Purchase an other round/set of bunks or two, if you so choose.  5) Purchase more tanks, without a crew and stick any applicable crew members on them.   Other than that?  Nothing.

bnmonty #6 Posted Aug 05 2020 - 00:07


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i keep rentals around to stash crew, i think i've only expanded barracks once 

nuclearguy931 #7 Posted Aug 05 2020 - 00:19


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All the 100% crew that you get from rental tanks, purchased tanks and such go directly to your barracks if you opt to use other crews for these premium vehicles. I at first was reluctant to dismiss them seeing as they were 100% trained to their qualification. Now, think about it this way, if you were to buy a new tank and recrew it from these members in your barracks you have to change them to the tank you want to put them into, for free 60%, for silver 80%, for gold 100%, no real difference than recruiting a brand new crew member when you buy a new vehicle. Free for 50%, for silver 75% and for gold 100%. Just dismiss them as the difference in recruiting is very minimal compared to a new crew member recruited. 


Also, there are missions that award bunk space from time to time, watch for them and do them.

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