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Pro tip if you are a below avg player

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AllieOop2 #21 Posted Aug 01 2020 - 23:32


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View PostCorporalUpham, on Aug 01 2020 - 23:00, said:


Grinding requires playing non upgraded tanks, which are bad. Grinding turns above average players to below average.

There is no reason to ever to play a standard equipped tank in this game anymore. Research the tank and let it sit until you have the XP/credits to upgrade it. Playing standard geared out tanks is a sure way to NOT enjoy the game.

redjkent #22 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 00:54


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yes tell people to sit near base and do nothing all battle, there surviving while the rest of team dies, then there next

ArmoredAlcoholic #23 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 01:13


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View Postsunes, on Aug 01 2020 - 19:11, said:

I will give an actual good tip. SURVIVE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE - You are more useful alive ;)


I will second this with a caveat:


Players whose goal is to survive to do useless end game damage on a loss are not useful.

The_Low_Health #24 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 01:32

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Lordy. So much bad advice in this thread. 

Arf_84 #25 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 02:23


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Little-known expert tip:  always have a perfectly-prepared margarita on hand.  This will relax your nerves at the same time as it pumps you up.  You will play better AND suffer the inevitable fools more gladly.

Mahrs #26 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 03:34


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View PostSgt__Guffy, on Aug 01 2020 - 22:52, said:


Sums the na server game play nicely.

If a TOG is in your team then all the team should camp behind it.  

Oh, and turn off the mini map, it just gets in the way.




It is entirely correct according to my teammates tonight.  I hung in there hoping maybe I could carry a match or two...MM said "nyet, Comrade, only tomatoes for you...but, just to be sure, enjoy playing as bottom tier...all night."  I'm a noob and I make a lot of mistakes...but, the number of people I see following those 10 rules like they legit think it's the way to go is...staggering. 

Karnivor502 #27 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 03:42


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Talk about not playing bad tanks, play good tanks. Ok, so is there a list somewhere? How is an average or below average player supposed to know what tanks they should not be playing??

Mythbuster24_46 #28 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 06:53


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People are talking about what tanks to play lmbo. The best advice I can give you is read your minimap as much as possible. About 60% of the time, my eyes are on the map, reading to see which flank is strong and which is weak. Learn to anticipate what's going to happen. (For example, if your flank is dying, leave it. If your team neglects cap and you can get into a good position to defend it, defend it.) Learning your tanks strengths and weaknesses while constantly reading the map and knowing which positions are best to put yourself in will AUTOMATICALLY get you better games. Good luck. :)

Korvick #29 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 07:06

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Play, have fun.  If you are enjoying the game, you tend to do better.


If you lose 5 in a row.  Log.

Sgt__Guffy #30 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 12:46


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View PostKarnivor502, on Aug 01 2020 - 20:42, said:

Talk about not playing bad tanks, play good tanks. Ok, so is there a list somewhere? How is an average or below average player supposed to know what tanks they should not be playing??


A lot depends on whether you give a damn about statistics. I play the game, not the statistics. It's horses for courses. Over the years I've played unpopular tanks, as I do the grind. Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised as they fit into my playstyle. My advice is do the grind as you learn what is good and bad about the tank. Bear in mind you will play against them at times and it is good to know how to defeat them. If you care about your statistics then just buy premium tanks and save yourself the agony of the grind. Over the Christmas period last year, as I had some premium time, I decided to grind the GW Panther SPG. Thinking it couldn't get any worse I lost 39 out of the 40 games it took to grind it. It didn't matter how well or badly I played, you are team dependent with SPG's, so that is the way it turned out. I like playing it so it doesn't bother me. If you lose more games than you are comfortable with, just log off and do something else.

There is plenty of information on the forums and contributors on You Tube to give you an idea on popular tanks. 


Have fun!







TankFullOfBourbon #31 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 12:50


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View PostOxboy1212, on Aug 01 2020 - 19:09, said:

Don't play bad tanks.  Play good tanks.  

Rubbish. All tanks are bad tanks when you are a below average player.

dunniteowl #32 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 20:06


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Do Damage

Help Your Team



Survive (if you do not do this, you cannot)


Do Damage (if you can't or don't do this, find another way to)


Help Your Team (if you do not or will not do this, it will be harder to)


Win?  (which is never guaranteed)


Anything else you learn about the game mechanics, techniques, tricks, tactics, tanks or terrain is just that much more you can use to apply to the three steps of the mantra.


Good tanks, bad tanks, what really, REALLY matters is the person at the controls -- always.  Which is to say, "It's not the tank, it's the player."  Yes, some tanks are harder, worse, inferior to others of their tier and above, hands down.  You can still do better in that tank as a good player than you can as a so-so or less than average player can, all other things being equal.


So, the OP's 'glib' advice really amounts to information as useful as telling the rest of us, "Hey, Y'all!  Water is wet!"


Survive (Vision and Spotting/Concealment and Cover)  [Mini-map, Team Comps]

Do Damage (Armor and Penetration/ Vision and Spotting/Concealment and Cover) [Armor Angling, Peek/Poke, etc[

Help Your Team (Mini-Map, Cross Fire Support, Flex/Flank, Reset Cap) [Your Situational Awareness, Game Knowledge Over Time]


I promote the idea that what we could use more of are more players that KNOW how the game works and know how to play, based on knowing the mechanics and applying what they know to their actions in the game.  I like to call that aspect of playing: Paying Attention to the Game On Purpose.


Most of all, however, I promote the idea that you're here, like the rest of us, to have fun.  If you don't want to learn the game and are fine with how you do, then there's no issue, right?  If you want to learn to play better and take responsibility for your own level of play, the tools are here on the forums, on the website Wiki pages and on several other WoT related sites.  All you have to do is look for it.


If you wish to complain all day about how unfair the game is, no matter what set of 'reasons' you may choose to include within your personal 'manifesto' of 'all that ails WoT' you are also fine to do that, I suppose.  However, for those that use all manner of excuses to 'explain' or 'excuse' the objective metrics in their profiles, they are literally wasting their breath and placing energy into NOT playing their best, as they are already, before they even login, committed to the idea that the game is rigged, MM is broken, Arty is OP, WV ruin the game, [insert complaint des homme ici] and so forth that they are already predisposed to NOT putting out the effort necessary to change a loss to a win, because they do not see it as within their control without meeting certain conditions that are hard to come by in the first place.


If you are a below average or average player that wishes to get better, you can.  You have to take action and the first step is to recognize that all you are really seeking to do is win a little bit more, play a bit better and learn a new thing here and there as you play.  So, don't be in a hurry, play the tanks you think you can do well in or wish to learn how to play.  Do it YOUR way as far as that goes, just recognize that including knowledge of the game mechanics in doing it your way will let you do it your way even better than you did before.


If you really don't care, then it doesn't matter and hat tip to you that don't.




Whyld #33 Posted Aug 03 2020 - 01:57

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View PostMahrs, on Aug 01 2020 - 15:44, said:

Nah, fam, ima help you out.


1. Camp - you wanna find the furthest corner of the map.  Get so far back you can’t see anyone but your own team.

2. [edited]about “invisible” tanks in chat to impress everyone with your game knowledge. 
3. If you must attack, make sure you do it one tank at a time - never help a teammate, never allow a teammate to help you.

4. Heavy tanks are the best campers with their superlative vision control, don’t worry about position

5. Light tanks are ideal for brawling - put on your man pants and trade shots, you coward! It’s a tank! 
6. Never use concealment - you wanna be out in the open as much as possible. 
7. Try to anticipate where the enemy wants to fight you, drive there.

8. If you are man fighting in the open like a good tanker, give the enemy your side so your tracks can protect you. 
9. Angling your armor is for cowards, don’t do this.

10. Find teammates that are hiding and draw as much attention to them as you can.


There you have it, 10 steps to pubbing like a boss in tanks.  Don’t forget to tell your team how they should be playing after you die.

Sunday teams instruction manual ... official done with playing on Sundays.

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