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Russian BT-7 & A-20 basically unplayable now, after up-tiering them.

BT-7 A-20

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4UDogg #1 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 05:43


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I had just moved up from the BT-7 to the A-20, before the tech tree rearrangement & increase to tanks hit points. I had a 59% victory rate in the BT-7, and a good start on the A-20. Both these tanks were up-tiered from 3 to 4 and from 4 to 5. These tiers are most often played by newer, lesser experience players. We get slaughtered & can barely penetrate anyone. We face much more skilled players, with better crews, and harder hitting guns. I won't play these tanks anymore due to their otherwise unchanged stats. A BT-7 does 40 pts average damage per shot, so to kill another BT-7 it would require 14 penetrations!!! What's the likelihood a newer player in the BT-7 will out shoot anyone, about 1%. It needs to be put back to tier 3 to have any chance at all. Same for the A-20, with it's tiny 45mm gun it's also gonna have to penetrate an opponent at least 10-12 times; should be returned to tier 4. Only increasing it's hit points & making no other changes don't make these tanks valid competitors at the new higher tier. Seems like every change made in WoT gives more & more advantages to the higher tier vehicles & thus more experienced players, e.g. in the upcoming equipment 2.0 update, sorry you can't have a spall liner until tier 5 & sorry your equipment slot is not configurable so you don't get the higher benefit level. Apparently, WoT really hates newer & medium level players, evidenced by so many bonuses & extras only the higher tier tanks get, and those higher tier tanks often get to use these extras in battle against tanks 1 and 2 tiers lower that don't get & thus can't use. Please improve the BT-7 & A-20 to make them competitive, or return them to their lower tier. Feeling ripped-off & cheated on these tanks.

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DooshCanoe_ #2 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 06:04


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See, there's a lot of things wrong with this thread.


  1. You have ~1800 battles, which is plenty for you to have gotten past tiers 4 and 5, and yet you're still playing low-tiers. You're either A, a seal-clubber (59% winrate in a tier 3 tank, hello??), or B, you're trash at any tier higher than 5.
  2. If you like these two tanks so much, why are you complaining? Perhaps its not the tanks, maybe its the driver of the tank. Having an under-powered tank doesn't stop you from out-playing your opponents.
  3. Can't pen anything? Learn weakspots or use premium ammo. Can't get a weakspot? Engage the tank from another angle. Can't safely engage that tank from another angle? Don't engage that tank. It's that simple.
  4. Tiers 4/5 are just a small piece of the large puzzle that is this game. Remember, you've got Tiers 1-10. Why are you specifically playing those tiers when this game has so much more to offer?
  5. You clearly have misunderstood how little Wargaming actually cares about their players.
  6. If you're getting slaughtered, stop getting shot at. Learn to play more conservatively with your hit-points. Use hills, rocks, buildings, and mountains. Or don't, and be an XP pinata for everyone, I don't care.
  7. Once you're up and on your feet in the game, you can completely skip over tiers 1-5 with free XP, so why suffer through low-tier battles if you don't have to? Oh wait, that's right, so people like you can whine on the forums about how low-tier tanks are under-powered. I forgot.

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Bravadu #3 Posted Aug 04 2020 - 15:03


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I rushed a few lines to tiers 5 and beyond, and then I free XPed all my remaining low tiers like a month later.  I don't really like playing SPGs or light tanks, but I want to get everything to tier 10 reasonably fast.


Tank university really helps you get to tier 8. As well as the 50%/30% credit discounts on tanks.  I'm not looking forward to buying and grinding tier 8+ tanks.  On Track tanks aside.

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