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Gold ammo profitability

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iRoblix #1 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 17:26


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I wonder if gold ammo repays it self when you damage someone and if it does (i know it does for certain tank), how can i know which tank have gold ammo that repays it self.

bad_73 #2 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 17:34


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Using gold costs ya..Wanna play for free..Dont use premium ammo or food..Both them will cost you money no matter how good you are.

_Bus #3 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 17:39

    First lieutenant

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The only way to be "profitable" with gold ammo is to have a premium account and run credit boosters.  Other than that, gold ammo is designed to lose you money if you fire it exclusively.

InappropriateHandHolding #4 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 17:42


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Pretty much if it is a e100 jpz or 183 and you pen every shot.

PTwr #5 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 17:47


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In low tier trash you might need to have good w/r to turn profit on prem spam. And if you (ab)use machineguns, then forget about income.

From tier 5 to 7 you should have profit on damaging premium shots even on defeat.

On tiers 8 it might depend on shell price (credits per damage) and tank (campers get halved income).

On tier 9 you'll need to have "positive" results to turn profit.

On tier 10 forget about profits.


You won't get your silver back if you'll waste your shot.

gmotoman #6 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 17:49


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I know how you can lose money with GOLD/PREMIUM ammo.  Pz1c + premium will cost you 240,000 credits per game if you can empty your gun.   Used to be easier to do, but since they nerfed the RoF I don't think it can be done now.

Smooky_Le_chien_husky #7 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 18:07


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you can play this Gameplay without gold round special ammo  premium ammunition wg did give lot of name for we stop to think is Gold round before we paid with real money but same if we not paid real money you kindly paid full Price on it on silver . in my point is not enough expensive seem people still spam spam spam and rig the armored on us tank . Anyways all ammo standard can pen anything just learn where to aims and you will never need that special ammo .  if not pen well no worry . you can save many of credit in this ways .  .. 


I know i play no premium ammunition and stats is not my objective or mission either . i just play for fun and grind and help my team . all do it self 

Pipinghot #8 Posted Aug 02 2020 - 20:05


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View PostiRoblix, on Aug 02 2020 - 11:26, said:

I wonder if gold ammo repays it self when you damage someone

It doesn't.

View PostiRoblix, on Aug 02 2020 - 11:26, said:

how can i know which tank have gold ammo that repays it self.

If you compare the difference between battles with zero premium rounds fired and battles with some amount of premium rounds fired, if you're careful with the math and honest with yourself what you'll find is that premium ammo loses credits. You may find a few individual battles in which premium rounds helped make more credits, but on average, at any level of skill (bad player, average player, good player) the premium ammo loses credits.


The point of premium ammo is not to make credits, it doesn't, it's learning when you want to use premium ammo even though it loses credits because it will help you perform better in some situations. Prem ammo is about performance, not profit.

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