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App that helps buy tanks?

app money tanks

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FoxXsTaR #1 Posted Aug 19 2020 - 18:10


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I recently downloaded a new app called Cash App and have no idea how it works? Does one simply post their cash app name thing? and get enough money to buy an Object 703 V. II?



All jokes aside though, does anyone have experience using it? Helpful tips? General purposes that this app is handy for?

JDF #2 Posted Aug 19 2020 - 18:39


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Seems just another alternative for e.g. paypal to me. So it is basically a digital account to send and receive money. I don't have any experience with it though, but I assume it works more or less the same as paypal (although with paypal you have to have a "real" bankaccount or creditcard afaik).

Projectile_Misfired #3 Posted Aug 19 2020 - 18:57


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This may be just me, but I would have learned about the app before dling it. Especially when it has something to do with cash/finances.
Furthermore, I definitely wouldn’t be coming to these forums to learn about it.

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