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Peter_Schiavo #1 Posted Sep 08 2020 - 20:13

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In battle do you see others being asked to platoon, but never you? Do you think to yourself, why not me, I've got mad skills. You may not realize it, but you could be turning potential platoon mates away without even realizing it. Well friend, I was in your same situation at one time, but with this one simple trick that you can follow, you will soon be the belle of the ball. 


For a limited time, for no money down and no money per month, here's the solution:


Go to Settings. On the General tab, look down the left hand column until you see, "Accept invitations to Platoon in battle." Check the empty box next it and then hit "Apply" at the bottom right. Back out of settings and you're all set.


Good tanking and good motoring. 

Suicidal_Enemy #2 Posted Sep 08 2020 - 20:17


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I turned off chat, I ignore people and keep to myself the best I can.






Would be funny to end up in a random platoon.   :teethhappy:

SKREEBUS #3 Posted Sep 08 2020 - 21:50

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I get invited a lot at the start of matches for these random platoons. I never accept them. Only invites I accept is for rigged BiA lol

Atragon #4 Posted Sep 08 2020 - 22:43


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When I play my t28-f30, I accept them all the time. Its low tier for a bit of fun. I'll accept a platoon offer from the worst of worst tankers but its usually for that game and I exit out after the platoon.


Don't forget the extra xp and credits.

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Yuri_Doujinshi #5 Posted Sep 08 2020 - 23:27


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View PostSKREEBUS, on Sep 08 2020 - 20:50, said:

I get invited a lot at the start of matches for these random platoons. I never accept them. Only invites I accept is for rigged BiA lol

Same here

rookiecan #6 Posted Sep 08 2020 - 23:37


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I accept all invites for platoon and often request them when I am trying to get enough tank rewards points which is now very difficult because you need an additional 800 points in just 24 days now.  The tier 9 platoon gives you an additional 20 each day you get the require top 10 xp in 10 games.  To all of you that accept, thanks very much.

sparky_49 #7 Posted Sep 09 2020 - 07:32

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Dynamic platoons (those formed anytime after the countdown timer starts) only earn you a BIA medal, there is no XP or credit bonus for being in a Dynamic platoon. If you want to receive a platoon bonus you have to stay platooned when you return to the garage, and then play another battle together as a standard platoon. 


Dynamic platoon: If the platoon members meet the 3 kill minimum, they each receive a BIA medal. No bonus is awarded. Platoon members do not have to be same tier

Standard platoon created before the battle starts: Platoon members receive XP and credit bonus, no 3 kill minimum, no BIA medal awarded. Platoon members have to be same tier.


More detailed info is in the wiki, or wargaming's news section, you'll have to Google it. I think Dynamic platoons and the BIA medal were added around update 9.8, maybe earlier.


Edit: added tier information

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Jonathan_Alexander_JA #8 Posted Sep 09 2020 - 15:06


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i always accept all invites! but im only on start....


"Kellie?" Gina said in surprise as the older woman reached for another small stack of envelopes to feed into the machine.
Pausing in her task, Kellie turned her head in Gina's direction, a smile appearing as she recognized her. She switched off the machine, allowing her to safely turn her attention away from it.

"Gina, what are you doing here?" Kellie asked.

"I was just about to ask you the same thing," Gina countered.

"Well, it's Friday and, snow or no snow, the Bernstein Bulletin has to go out," Kellie said, holding the stack of envelopes in her hand a bit higher for emphasis.
The Bernstein Bulletin, as Gina had learned soon after she'd started at Casella and North, was a financial newsletter that Abraham Bernstein put out each week and that clients paid a great deal of money to receive. With over two thousand people on the mailing list, it brought the company a significant income every week.

"But why are you mailing them out?" Gina further inquired. "Isn't that what the mailroom clerks are for?"

"One of the government projections that Mr. Bernstein wanted to include in this week's letter was delayed, so I didn't get to print it out until after four," Kellie explained. "Since I can run the machines down here as well as they can, I didn't see any reason why they needed to hang around and wait for it. I just told them to leave me the key to the postage meter and I'd drop it in the lock box when I was done."

Even with her limited experience, Gina knew there was much more to it than that. The average bulletin ran five pages, and the Xerox copier, which thankfully could sort the pages into the proper order, could only make twenty-five copies at a time. Then the pages needed to be folded and fitted into pre-addressed envelopes. The folding was done by machine but they had to be stuffed into the envelopes by hand. Finally, they were run through the meter which printed the proper postage on them and sealed the envelopes. From there it was just a matter of dropping them into the open mail sack reserved for just that purpose.

Gina smiled, thinking that had been an extremely nice thing for her friend to have done. Most anyone else, and to be honest, considering the circumstances, she would probably have to include herself, would've just dropped the report and left it for the mail clerks to handle, storm or no storm.

"So, what are you still doing here?" Kellie then repeated. "I would've thought that, living all the way out in Queens, you'd have taken off hours ago."

"No, such luck," Gina replied. "They wanted someone here to answer phones and since I'm the low woman on the totem pole, here I am."
"No one wanted to volunteer?" Kellie asked. "That's surprising, I would've thought that Donna or Carol would've at least offered. After all, they share an apartment only a few blocks from here."

"Excuse me, what?" Gina replied, surprised in her voice.

"Donna Walsh and Carol Briggs, you've met them, I'm sure, lovely girls." Kellie continued. "One or both of them usually stays when there's bad weather."

"I don't know them well but I've met them," Gina replied, picturing the two thirty-something blondes in her mind, "but no one said anything about asking for volunteers. Joan just told me that I ..."

"... that you were the one who had to stay," Kellie said, completing the sentence.


"She was supposed to ask for volunteers first," Kellie added. "It was part of the memo from the partners."

"[edited]!" Gina exclaimed under her breath.

'I know she doesn't particularly like you, but have you done something lately to really piss her off?" Kellie asked.

Gina hesitated, then decided that there was no reason not to tell Kellie. She quickly recounted what happened the night of the Christmas party, only to be interrupted before she could finish by the sound of the older woman's laughter.

"Oh, how I wish I could've been the one to walk in on her," Kellie said as she regained control.

"Why do I have the feeling that you're not surprised?" Gina asked.

"Well, it's not exactly a secret," Kellie explained, "at least not to those of us on the ninth floor."

"So, she's been doing that for a while then?" Gina further asked.

"Honey, if you'd come in five minutes later, you'd have probably found her bent over old man North's desk," Kellie again laughed, this time not so hard. "Joan Hendricks has been spreading her legs for him since she was part of the secretarial pool; that's how she wound up as office manager. You didn't think she got where she is because of her superior management skills, did you?"

Ever since that night, Gina had wondered about precisely that, so it was nice to have her suspicions confirmed.

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Crow_Magnon #9 Posted Sep 09 2020 - 20:00


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I wait on invites at the beginning of battle to see if they're spamming the entire team, in which case, these types of platoons generally fill up.  If it's actually an invite for me, I'll accept them. 

MGFranks #10 Posted Sep 10 2020 - 19:37


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What possible benefit is there to accepting random platoon invites in battle?


The only reason I can see to do a random platoon is for a BIA, and for that you wait until near the end of the battle.

Gtraxeman #11 Posted Sep 12 2020 - 17:18


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Before I anonymized, platoon invites werent as frequent. Now that its on, I think people send more invites to see who is really on the team.

PapaBear_3110 #12 Posted Sep 15 2020 - 16:12


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Anyone notice that WG claims that you can get 15% credit bonus for fighting in a platoon? Well .... that's bull crap because in all the last few battles I've only received a 10% bonus for fighting a platoon. Another screwing for the players from WG (not surprising - anything to get a buck eh WG?).



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