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The M6A2E1

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Hotwired #1 Posted Oct 04 2011 - 19:52


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The M6A2E1.

A premium tank made available as a gift to anyone paying for the most expensive (but discounted) pre-release gold package.

Posted Image

A very tall tank an M6A2E1 can look right over most Russian heavy tanks and a few other low profile types.

It also has good gun depression, that combined with its height allows it to fire down into crew hatches on low profile tanks if they come too close. Or fight well even on very sloping ground.

It's viewrange is 430m or 473m with Coated Optics.

It's not terrible but the Tiger 2, Lowe and T32 get 460m viewrange which with Coated Optics allows the max 500m viewrange.

Average turning speeds with a powerful engine, you could consider it as agile as a fully equipped Tiger or Tiger 2 tank.

Its forward speed is capped at 28kph. Many tanks have a top speed they will only hit if you push them off a cliff. But because of the 960hp engine for its 67 ton mass the M6A2E1 can accelerate very quickly and climb hills at a respectable speed.

The reverse speed is nothing special at 10kph.

Its Defences:

Red is the 191mm armour on the front of the hull and turret, also the 208mm on the REAR of the turret.

The sides and rear of the hull are 44 and 41mm respectively, won't even protect you from a scout tanks gun.

Sides of the turret are 89mm. Moderately useful if its at an angle to minor guns.

Posted Image

Blue isn't really armour. It's a shell eating black hole the track area. If you hit that with a HE artillery shell, a tank HE shell or splash damage from either of those you've got a really good chance of doing no damage whatsoever. Sometimes you'll blow the tracks off both sides of the tank with the same shell and still do no damage to the tank. It's a nice trick for a tank that only has 44mm of armour on the sides.

Its Firepower:

Bog standard American 105mm cannon.

Posted Image

A renamed cannon as used in the T29 (6rpm) T32 (6.45rpm) and T34 (7.5rpm) American Heavy Tanks.

It's very average at this level but it has reasonable penetration and damage plus a good high explosive shell.

The bad news is the M6A2E1 gets the slowest firing version. It fires at 5.77rpm so in theory it's got the weakest firepower of any T8 Heavy Tank.

Reality is, most heavy vs heavy fights are about taking one shot each then hiding to reload. Each bounce your armour does gives you a free hit so a slower gun but more armour isn't necessarily weaker.

The other weapon is its face. You hit other tanks with it.

Posted Image

191mm of armour with 67 tons of tank rolling it forward at 28kph will do anything from a total KO on a full health low level medium tank to a few % damage on high level heavy tanks.

Sword and Shield

The play of an M6A2E1 boils down to two things. Covering the weak hull and good gunnery.

Some heavy tanks can angle hard to increase their armour protection. If you angle this fatty you have indeed increased the frontal protection but now your 44mm hull is visible and if you angle that past 10 degrees from the enemy their shots will go right through. Below 10 degrees it will ricochet most shells because of the very steep angle the shell hits it at.

So for that reason again you can't afford to be flanked, some tanks can take being flanked because of their side armour, this can't.

But don't ever be afraid to stick your heavily armoured face out of cover and shoot. Your frontal armour has no weak point. When you meet an enemy they either can penetrate 191mm of armour or they cannot.

If they can then try not to take unnecessary damage, angle as you can and don't be afraid to swap shells as required. You carry 60 x 105mm shells, almost impossible to run out of ammo.

If they can't penetrate then feel free to stick your face out, bounce their shells and fire as fast as you can reload.

There are middling guns which can sometimes penetrate. Ironically one of these is the 105mm the M6A2E1 carries which makes a fight between two of them a real question of skill. Your main options are to (1) fire AP and hope (2) load HE for more reliable but weaker damage (3) rush for a high risk flanking attack, 28kph forward speed beats 10kph reverse or (4) avoid meeting another M6A2E1 in the first place.

The German long 88mm and the short 105mm are also marginal. Generally you can out-slug a tank carrying those because their armour is weaker than yours and you have a much better chance of bouncing their shells.


Slightly a last resort or finishing move, there are practical reasons to do this. If you ram into a tank it can't get away (or flank you) as easily and you'll damage it. If you ram tanks heavier and more armoured than you, you'll get damaged more than them. So these are the better tanks to use ramming on:

All Light, Medium and Artillery tanks are viable targets
All Tank Destroyers but don't bother ramming the ones with heavy front armour from the front.
All American Heavy tanks.
The Tiger, Tiger P and Ausf A.
All Russian Heavy tanks except IS-4 and IS-7

Repeat ramming attacks by backing off about half a tank length then charging again on tanks which are especially lighter and less armoured than you.

In a close range duel with a M6A2E1 vs a IS-3 it's not even a fair fight when the M6A2E1 can do 5% damage per ram as well as cannon damage + no easy frontal weak spots.

Dodging Artillery Shells:

You will very often see massive explosions going off around you, sometimes blowing off both tracks but importantly never damaging the tank.

Due to the poor accuracy of artillery you can never guarantee a shell will hit what you'd like it to.

But take comfort in the fact that artillery very rarely gets direct hits. Especially very big artillery, they do most of their damage through splash and splash damage hitting the sides of an M6A2E1 does nothing. Splash damage will still damage from the front and rear but the good news is the largest sides are invulnerable.

How to Bag a Bobblehead:

The M6A2E1 can be a very capable front line tank.

It can take being shot in the face by the vast majority of tanks it meets and just shrug it off. Artillery is not a good counter to a tank that will ignore anything less than a direct hit on the top or front armour. In my experience 2-3 times the number of artillery shells to kill a M6A2E1 as any other T8 Heavy Tank isn't unrealistic. If you have a choice then drop the shell on a tank you know will take the hit and let tanks deal with the M6A2E1.

Facehugging is a traditional approach by tanks with heavy turret armour, the idea is to fill their view with armour they can't penetrate. That does NOT work on an M6A2E1 because it's almost certainly taller than you which lets it look down on your turret roof and put shells through your crew hatches.

Hard Counter: In a frontal duel you need a T9 or higher heavy tank or a T8 or higher tank destroyer to take it out solo without a serious risk of being killed first.

Hard Counter 2: Two or more tanks capable of penetrating its frontal armour or at least firing HE shells big enough to do real damage.

Soft Counter: If you are not at all suitable for going near it then keep your distance, use cover and fire HE shells. It's lame but it will eventually kill or weaken the M6A2E1 for a kill even from the front.

Strategic Counter: Above all what kills a M6A2E1 quickly is being attacked from multiple angles. It's a frontal attack specialist, armoured only at the front.

Two agile medium tanks flanking it can rip it up in no time. Especially if they load HE and aim for the weak armour. Because it's so thin the HE shells do massive damage, can be even more than damage than a high power AP round. It has three extremely weak sides and it's not possible to protect that kind of weakness against two or more attackers.

Strategic Counter Defence: What the M6A2E1 will try to do is "tank" the hits just to kill one of the attackers. When it's back to a 1v1 it may have the advantage depending on how much health it has left.

Strategic Counter 2: If you don't have a "pack" to run with, that's not important, the key thing is to force the M6A2E1 to expose weak armour.

If it's facing enemy tanks down with its frontal armour the way you'd kill the M6A2E1 is for the fastest tank to run past the M6A2E1. It's now in a pickle, there's guns behind and in front of it and only one armoured side.

Strategic Counter 2 Defence: As a M6A2E1 driver I know this and frankly I'll track, ram and generally molest any tank which looks like it's getting ideas of flanking me. At least if I stop it dead in front of me the worst that will happen is I take more hits on the front.

All of those scenarios are actually quite typical in everyday games, a heavy mob wipes out armour facing it, tanks die to smaller tanks pecking away throughout the game and flanking happens all the time when gaps are found or someone grows a pair and suddenly you're surrounded.

Important thing is, nothing is guaranteed otherwise it'd be dull game  :Smile_great:


Not much to say really, isn't as good as a Lowe at making money but then again its more fun to play than a Lowe.

Can still get 100k+ games, average of maybe 50-60k is realistic.

Tank pictures modelled by Captain Whittaker and the crew :Smile_honoring:

Posted Image

Daiichidoku #2 Posted Oct 04 2011 - 19:59

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SO glad i never sold mine, funmachine!

killakittie #3 Posted Oct 04 2011 - 20:06

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Almost finished with my third skillset with my M6A2E1 from my exp there is only a few tanks i have trouble with frontally one being the IS4 and the others being E-100 and Maus. It has excellent frontal armor i can usually take out Lowes and IS-3's without any trouble sometimes i can take 2 on at once. Last thing you want to do in this tank is wander out too far and get flanked or surrounded.

Communism #4 Posted Oct 04 2011 - 20:13

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This needs a sticky.

theshiyal #5 Posted Oct 04 2011 - 20:18


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I only wish I would bought one of those too.    <_<

Skygunner #6 Posted Oct 04 2011 - 20:18


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One of the tanks I had the opportunity to buy, but not the funds.  They are rather tough customers a very nice write up on how to fell them. Hopefully one day I'll be able to drive one around and give the grief they have given me to others.

Rox_What #7 Posted Oct 06 2011 - 13:54

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How i buy this tank /?

Hotwired #8 Posted Oct 06 2011 - 14:33


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It's in the very first line of the first post of the thread  :blink:

Or in a nutshell, you can't.

DilaZirK #9 Posted Oct 07 2011 - 01:49


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"The other weapon is its face. You hit other tanks with it."

DAAHAHAH! And if you look hard enough, its face kinda looks like this: -.-

Excellent guide, mate.

Arzoo #10 Posted Oct 07 2011 - 17:11


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So annoying that the only high tier US heavy that isn't a T29 or a T32 is a premium that you can't even get anymore.

MR_magician_PK #11 Posted Oct 07 2011 - 17:16

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m6a2 easy 1
this tank is the easiest to kill

skybreaker97 #12 Posted Oct 11 2011 - 18:25


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Good post but you forgot about the kv-5.You might want to avoid ramming something that weighs 100 tons and can go at 40 kmph. Also, It can face hug very well as the kv-5 is around the same height, maybe even taller.

RootX #13 Posted Oct 12 2011 - 20:24


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I'm getting close to 1000 games with mine, almost have the crew at 100% in all skills. Has been a fun tank, BUT why does it have to be so ugly :)

TheDuke13 #14 Posted Oct 18 2011 - 22:59


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Sucks I heard about this game AFTER it went live or I would have bought this guy.  Oh well all I can do now is hope one shows up on my team some day.

Benco97 #15 Posted Oct 23 2011 - 00:18

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I agree, I was unable to purchase any pre-order pack at the time even though I desperately wanted this tank.

I sent rather a long e-mail explaining the issue and asking if there was ever going to be an opportunity in the future to purchase this tank somehow.
I even drew a little picture of the tank with a smiley face sun and everything!

I got an automated reply "Issue closed" and that was it.
I'd have been happier with "No you'll never be able to get it" and a restraining order.

DeadPan1 #16 Posted Oct 24 2011 - 19:32

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View Postabdulrehman234, on Oct 07 2011 - 17:16, said:

m6a2 easy 1
this tank is the easiest to kill

This is too funny!

View PostRootX, on Oct 12 2011 - 20:24, said:

...BUT why does it have to be so ugly :)

This thing is scary ugly.

I first came across/heard of this tank during a Campinova game.  I was approaching the church, and saw an M6 (or so I thought).  I'm firing away with my 100mm on the T-34-85.  Nothing.  I'm like wtf?

After he destroys me, I see it's a M6A2E1, not the tier 6 M6.  I go to the wiki, and find that it's no friggin' wonder I didn't do any damage.

I'll think three times before I'll ever face (err, fight) one of them again.

Congrats to all who were fortunate to have made that purchase.

mechsftw #17 Posted Oct 26 2011 - 00:44

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i have GOT to try and head-on one of these in my new T34 120mm, because my T32 couldn't even scratch its paint.

Leisure_Shoot #18 Posted Oct 26 2011 - 22:10


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I just read this as I was browsing the forums. Thank you for posting, and reminding me of this beauty. Results:

Battle: Westfield Wednesday, October 26, 2011 4:57:17 PM
Vehicle: M6A2E1
Experience received: 2,904 (doubled for the first victory each day)
Credits received: 78,627

I started on the West side of Westfield, and thought about your advice. I decided to head up into the trees, so that I had a mountain on one side, and some hills on the other.
I took on two enemy IS-3's at once with a Slugger and VK3601H from my team for assistance.(they may have provided moral support, more than anything against the IS-3's)
After they were dead, I got into it with a Lowe, who was then killed by arty, and then finished with a side shot to a T-44 to end with 3 kills.

IM0001 #19 Posted Nov 08 2011 - 19:57


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Ah I came into this HT Forum for exactly this thread. I absolutely love this tank! It took a while for me to learn how to drive it correctly, and being the tall brute it is it usually gains me the Steel Wall achievement almost every game, but man is it fun when you learn it's ways. Lately I have found it to be fun as all heck to find a lone M6, Tiger, etc and just face them in a duel and enjoy as each of their shots just *Plink* off.

More and more I find people asking about the tank ingame. Wondering how I got it, etc. It is funny to me since a lot of people who bought the pre-order and got this tank, sold it for the quick credits without giving it a chance.

Ha Congrats to the OP! 1000 Post :)

Teddy_Bear #20 Posted Nov 09 2011 - 16:06


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I truly regret not getting the 90$ heavy package, i've already spent close to 90$ and haven't even gotten a quater of what was in that thing. The M6 is just all kinds of win in battle, its front seems damned near invincible, the only time i can catch the thing is when i get a shot at its side.

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