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WG's idea of math is garbage.

Platoon bonus

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PapaBear_3110 #21 Posted Sep 18 2020 - 02:38


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Uuh Rumrunner? ....... I have NOW submitted a ticket (ID: 126439907) AND submitted screenshots to WG. A clanmate who has similar evidence, has submitted a ticket as well. (If needed, I can go back in my records and find out when this actually started - which has been, I suspect and will confirm, going on for months.) So Rumruinner? ... stuff a keg of Captain Morgan's Finest up where the sun doesn't shine.


KRZYBooP? .... if this is a "bug" it's on WG's side of the house ..... because several other clan members have this issue as well. If you have any influence on expediting a solution to this, any assistance would be appreciated. (As opposed to a "basher" who would remain nameless ...... oops ... maybe not.)

We both well know that WG isn't about to compensate players who have not received the full 15%, as stated, by WG for previous lost income from battles. In any other venue, the promise of 15% to credits (having met the conditions) and then not following through in giving them ....... would constitute false advertising (or even possibly fraud - just food for thought).


(Actually .... what I find particularly funny is that the bashers never noticed this themselves - that they have been getting shortchanged in credits and it was the "whiner" that pointed out a legitimate problem.)




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Bjorn_to_kill #22 Posted Sep 18 2020 - 10:09


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Where does one look to see or calculate the 10% or 15%?

SlappedbyRommel #23 Posted Sep 18 2020 - 14:54

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View PostRHeadshot, on Sep 18 2020 - 00:14, said:

You don't really want people to answer this question, do you?

If it is a bug why aren't he quality testers finding them? I find WOT math is suspect in many missions and it does slowly effect what you earn in credits etc. Yes send a ticket in I know I will be looking at this closer now that it was brought up. 

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