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Placing decals AND camo?

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1mp0ster #1 Posted Sep 16 2020 - 03:51


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I am having difficulty modifying the look of my tank with all the hundreds of style things I have earned. I am trying to put those "Progressive Element" decals on the tank while also having the preset 75k credit camo applied. But it seems like you can either have decals or have the camo. Am I doing something wrong, or can you no longer put decals on top of camo? Or is it that you can only place decals on top of permanent camo?

PapioTitan #2 Posted Sep 16 2020 - 04:05


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You can't put stuff on PRESET camo's.

_Katyusha___ #3 Posted Sep 16 2020 - 04:23


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You need to use a reward or paid style for progressive decals. rental camo/style doesn't work with them. But regular camo will allow you for much more customization anyway.

heavymetal1967 #4 Posted Sep 16 2020 - 04:25


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You can put progressive decals on most of the presets, but I don't think you can on rental camo.  There may be a few other permanent presets that you can't as well.


OK looks like the rental camo doesn't allow them.  OP normally I click the adjust button which is normally under the i button in the menu screen.  It's more convienient in my opinion cause it will just show the styles you have at the bottom.  If you click the decals or the progressive elements pane it opens another page.


When I open a rental camo I don't get an adust style button.  I just get the i for information button, the delete button, close button and the extend rental button.


Edit:  Ninja'd while testing rental camo.




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