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Churchill 7 Post Equipment Revamp

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fortebx1 #1 Posted Sep 17 2020 - 04:38

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So has anybody tried out adding a turbocharger onto a Churchill 7? Does it make the Churchill just bearable? lol :teethhappy: I would try it but I spend most of my credits adding new equipment to my other vehicles. Would try it once I grind enough credits and been thinking of finishing the UK heavy line.

Michael_200061 #2 Posted Sep 17 2020 - 11:03


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i kept my churchill 7 for the meme.


currently, i run improved configuration (I believe this is what its call?) for repair time and the 200 improved config directive in my depot that I got for free for no reason. ( I use it on the conq as well)

rammer and coated optic.

i have been thinking maybe take off optic, put IRM or turbo on it, since both help with how the Churchill fights. 


ill give some feed back once I tried it. 


FrozenKemp #3 Posted Sep 17 2020 - 14:50


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I sold mine long before the patch, but I think there may be a problem with both the top speed and the pw:wt which is not so wonderfully boosted by the turbocharger. Like, the pw:wt is still really bad. The Black Prince by comparison has much better pw:wt and is better able to benefit from a turbocharger.

SteelRonin #4 Posted Sep 17 2020 - 15:19


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vent, rammer, spall liner.

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