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Soooooooooooooo seeking advice from the veteran players on Mods

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C257_Tanks #21 Posted Sep 30 2020 - 01:27


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View Postdunniteowl, on Sep 29 2020 - 15:35, said:

You know, OP, I think your opinion does matter.


Reason:  You ask questions, get information and then test things.  So far you seem a pretty reasonable and observant person.  I'd like to hear your thoughts on "How Is It Different" between not using mods and using mods from a relatively new player.  I'd look forward to such a 'review.'




Well thank you dunniteowel!


I'll post that "review" sometime tomorrow (9/30/2020).

Yuri_Doujinshi #22 Posted Oct 02 2020 - 00:11


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Only mods I use nowadays are:

A bonus server-side reticule on top of the client side reticule (personal preference)

Team HP bars on the top of the screen (useful to easily look and see if you are winning or losing)

Player hp next to their names on the team lists (so I can tell at a glance if a teammate is about to die, and can check last known enemy hp)

Currently and last spotted icons next to names (can get this info from minimap, but sometimes tank icons overlap and are hard to see)

MoE mod


These are all useful, but I don't really need them to perform either. I often load into the game after a patch and play several matches without realizing my mods aren't working anymore. Still, I would recommend you play around with them. I had a lot of fun in the early days messing around with mods and making my game look like a fiesta of color and information. I ran XVM for a while, eventually realized it was making me play poorly so I stopped. Went vanilla for a long time since I was to lazy to reinstall mods after every patch. Started using em again so that I could have team HP bars in clan wars. I've gone through a lot of phases, and I'm sure you will too.

Roggg2 #23 Posted Oct 02 2020 - 05:22


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I sometimes run vanilla and I sometimes install Aslains.  I don't think I have had a mod installed for probably 6 months now.  I'm lazy, and vanilla is mostly good enough.  There's only a couple of things in Aslains that I find really useful.  The most useful part is whatever mod it is that puts a lightbulb beside player name that have ever been spotted.  It helps you know at a glance who has not yet been spotted without having to count tiny dots on the mini-map.  If they added that to vanilla, I would probably never install a mod again.


XVM is both useful and toxic depending on you.  For me its reassuring to know it was always going to be a loss.  For some, knowing that they got the short end of the MM stick makes them very negative.  


Everything else I like in Aslains is just utilitarian or cosmetic.  I have team panels modded with the Color-coded cards, The auto-crew switching in garage is nice.  Stats on carousel entries and mouse-over etc...


The most important thing you need to know though is no legal mod will make you noticeably better, and even the illegal ones wont make you good.  The only thing that will make you better at this game is between your ears.

C257_Tanks #24 Posted Oct 05 2020 - 18:15


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Thanks again to all for the very helpful feedback!  I said in an earlier post that I'm post my own experience after I tried some of Aslains mod pack myself.  I'm about 5 days late on that post, but here I go FWIW the opinions of this Mediocre player. :)

After speeding a week to ten days experimenting with Aslains I agree wholeheartedly that there's nothing that will sudden make you a strikingly better player. No magic pill, no silver bullet. However, for me, there are some mods that ... well using a measurement analogy, I feel make me a few milometers better.  I totally agree that practice, brain power, learning the game mechanics, and learning all the maps like one knows the back of their hand are the true keys to substantial improvement.

I tried a ton of mods, and mentally put individual mods in one of five categories:

1) Actually helps my results in some very small way (and perhaps some of this is available from the game itself in options but I found them in the mod, FWIW)

2) doesn't "help" my play but convenient in my opinion

3) doesn't "help" my play but ascetically pleasing to me

4) pure garbage

5) I don't like but someone else might
Using those categories, my personal option(s):

- Since I play SPG sometimes (sorry but I do) I find displaying aim time and flight time (of the shell) quite helpful to me (but only while playing SPG).
- Being able to mouse over the types of ammo and seeing a "Cliff Notes" version of their damage/pen potential while in game helpful.
- Displaying the total remaining hit points of both teams is helpful for many reasons. One reason that hadn't occurred to me until I loaded this mod is that it's a bit deeper analysis of where each team stands. For example, say late game, it’s down to 3 vs 3 but one side has 500 more HP - just one of many examples I've found.
- Making the sixth sense detection louder and last a bit longer on screen.
- The upside-down yield sign with an explanation point that displays when an enemy is less than 100m away.

- Perhaps most useful (for me) of any mod, is the ability to log into any server in any country from ONE install of WOT most helpful!  I have three accounts on three different servers (Yeah, I've only been playing since June of this year but I am quite hooked on the game - and no, I don't double dip and on two of the three I spend actual cash on the accounts) and prior to finding this mod I had three installs on my hard drive.  Now I've got rid of two of those installs saving about 100 GB of hard drive space.
- Changing around the team listing displays is useful.  I think the game itself provides some options, but I found this in the mod.
- Changing around the carousel in the garage is useful.  I think the game itself provides some options, but I found this in the mod.
- Adding more tank sorting options in the garage (as to what will appear on the carousel) is useful.
- A link (radio button in HTML speak) on the garage page to https://wotinspector.com

with the tank currently on display preloaded to the site’s interface.
- Showing my mastery numbers on the tech tree.

- I changed the battle results header image to some real nice tank images available in one of the mods.
- I like the mod that changes all crew images to female movie/tv/music stars.
- I like one of the damage notice mods better than default.
- I changed the background image while the battle is loading to Amine images. I’m not even an Anime fan, I just like them there – and its helping me to learn maps by name (before I was learning them by appearance and would have to look them up for a name if I wanted to talk about them.
- Changed some sounds, just for variety’s sake.

4) Garbage:
- The “legal” aim assistant, the one not banned by WOT, can be found in the mod pack. It doesn’t work, doesn’t help, at least it didn’t help me.  Since it’s the “not banned” one I tried it, but it’s garbage.
- The win predictors – I think there are four different ones in the mod if I recall correctly. I tried two of the four; two or three times – and the predictors I tried were always wrong.  Perhaps one of the two I didn’t try work better but I’m not sure I want to know what the predictor says anyhow, always want to try my best without being subconsciously affected by what a win-loss mod thinks.   As I'm sure you've all seen them who say things like "GG" or "we've lost this one" when the team is just rolling out, and I hate that. And honestly, as near as I can tell they're wrong as much as they're right anyhow.


5) Anything I didn’t already cover.









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