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KRZYBoop's Used Tank Emporium: Lansen C up for grabs.


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KRZYBooP #1 Posted Oct 15 2020 - 17:01

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Howdy Boom Jockeys!


The Lansen C is available on the lot from today (15Oct) until 26Oct.


This tank starts at 31.99 and more information on the sale can be found HERE.



PTwr #2 Posted Oct 15 2020 - 17:13


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Now this is actually good tank, pleasant to drive and strong both in randoms and FL.

Sadly tech tree meds are a tad lackluster, so its of not much use as crew trainer.

lordsheen #3 Posted Oct 15 2020 - 17:15

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I wish I could've got the Lansen C during the last black market event, but it showed up 5 minutes past 6:55 pm EST and I had responsibilities that day. :child:

Cowcat137 #4 Posted Oct 15 2020 - 17:16


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This one works.

Reppic27 #5 Posted Oct 15 2020 - 17:21


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I'd highly recommend this to anyone thinking of picking it up.


Great gun, decent armor (due to the very weird angles / shapes), semi-low profile. It makes a great flanker / support tank. You could even call it a good sniper, though usually it's best in mid-range engagements. 

Casual_Boops #6 Posted Oct 15 2020 - 17:32


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Lansen is a great tank, IMO. The gun is a bit on the derpy side, but the power/weight ratio is such that the thing just flies up hills and has no troubles changing flanks. I enjoy mine much more than I expected to.

Scorpiany #7 Posted Oct 15 2020 - 18:55


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​Lansen is truly a phenomenal tank, and absolutely worthwhile picking up. I'll put out a full tank review on it early tomorrow (The review below is a partial review, not a full review... Despite its length).


I rarely say go out and buy any one specific tank, but the Lansen is one exception to that... It is truly a unique tank. If you were the kind of player who wanted the AMX CDC when it first came out, but were disappointed by it, the Lansen C will be perfect for you.


Here's a quick run down of its pros / cons and playstyle in the meantime. Let's put it this way though - If you think the Progetto 46 is a good tank, the Lansen C's 3rd-mark requirements are higher than the Progetto 46's 100% mark requirements. In other words, the combined values to reach 100% on the Progetto 46 mark, are still less than what it currently takes to even reach the 3rd mark on the Lansen, let alone 100%. (As of last week, Progetto took 3,410 combined to 100%, while the Lansen C takes 3,449 for the 3rd mark and 3,630 for 100%)



  • 320 alpha is a step above most mediums
  • DPM is really good, many Tier 8 mediums with a Gun Rammer still have less DPM than the Lansen C without a Gun Rammer
  • Incredible HP/ton of over 28 means you can race up hills and into position
  • Great gun depression and elevation angles (-10 / +20)
  • Extremely small tank means it's surprisingly hard to hit, especially at speed or over a ridgeline
  • Good camo values
  • Tiny "forehead" of the tank (the space above the gun to the top of the turret), means often you can see and shoot an enemy tank before they even have anything to shoot at on your tank.



  • Low penetration on AP / APCR (High gun caliber somewhat makes up for it, but APCR is still a must-have)
  • Somewhat sluggish traverse speeds
  • Poor armor, despite some funky angles, bounces are a rare occurrence
  • Somewhat low View Range, especially for such a fast tank
  • Limited profitability, because the tank consistently needs some APCR, and the more competitively you play the tank, the more APCR / Prem consumables become a must (moreso than with many other mediums)




The Lansen C will play like a punchier light tank in many ways, or like a super slimmed down, punchier AMX CDC. It's a very fast tank, capable of rushing into position before most mediums (especially if uphill slopes are involved). This means that you want to get into a strong position early on in the game to get some early vision and some early shots at tanks that are still moving into position.


After your early shots, you want to get a sense for how the battle is going to play out. If you think that you'll have support from your teammates, then play aggressively using ridgelines to continue extending vision and poking for shots as often as possible (assuming it's safe to do so). However, if you don't have much allied support, or the enemy is also playing rather aggressively, then you may want to fall back a bit to be a mid-ranged supporting vehicle. Continue to poke for shots whenever you can, but do so from a safe distance, preferably with a ridgeline as cover.


If you have a good ridgeline to poke from, then feel free to continue peeking even if the enemy is watching you. The tank is so small with such a tiny forehead, that so long as you slightly change the angle and speed at which you're poking the ridgeline from, the enemy will rarely even shoot at you, let alone hit you. That being said, if you're going to be more vulnerable (say you're going to be exposing more of your turret, or even part of your hull), then take it easy and wait for the enemy to be distracted before you go for a shot. The tank has more than enough HP/ton to quickly pull back into cover, so it's not worth taking unnecessary risks if you can't sufficiently hide your tank. Let your allies be a bit of a meat shield if you're in a more vulnerable position.


If you're doing some bush spotting, or just playing aggressively while somewhat alone (scouting for sniping allies), then be ready to run away, This means either getting a bit of forward momentum, letting go of the accelerator while turning, and swinging the tank around, or just driving up ridges in reverse, that way if you have to run, you can immediately begin driving forwards in the direction you need to run off to.


Recommended Equipment:


I've reached 100% on the Lansen C 5 different times now, about to reach it for the 6th time. In order of most effective to least effective, the 3 most marking-viable loadouts I've found are:


1) Improved Rotation Mechanism, Gun Rammer, VStabs (most effective loadout by far, maximizes the Lansen's already impressive DPM and allows the gun to work wonders with the gun handling)


2) Improved Rotation Mechanism, Turbocharger, VStabs (Allows the Lansen's mobility to become something truly impressive, by addressing its sluggish traverse speeds and limited top speed)


3) Gun Rammer, Optics, VStabs (Old faithful loadout, but just doesn't really fit the current meta with the new equipment, Lansen really needs more love to either its gun or its mobility. Both of which are already its strongsuits, but the Lansen is most competitive when it truly outshines other mediums in those two areas, rather than just being better)


Ammo / Consumables:


If you can afford it, run 50 APCR and 10 HE. If you can't, then 30 AP, 20 APCR, 10 HE is a realistic ammo loadout. The Lansen C carries a metric boat-load of ammunition, on top of already having high alpha damage, so a healthy amount of HE will still give you more than enough room for AP / APCR. Most mediums with 240 alpha are just fine with 50 shells, so having 50 regular shells on a tank with 50% more alpha damage than other mediums, means there's a lot less pressure to find the "perfect" ammo loadout. Realistically, just carry a decent stock of HE shells (no more than 10), and a good stock of APCR shells (20-30, unless you're willing to go completely Pay2Win)


As far as consumables, you can get away with using a Small Med Kit, but I would highly recommend having a Large Repair Kit. The Lansen C's ammo rack and engine are both vulnerable, especially if you're maneuvering while running away from a position - It's happened to me where I get detracked, lose my engine, and lose my ammo rack all in one shell. Detracking with engine damage or detracking with ammo rack damage are also very frequent combinations, simply because of its hyper-aggressive playstyle despite being such a lightly armored tank.


When it comes to running Food vs. a Fire Extinguisher, I would personally go with Food to maximize the tank's potential. However, since you're going to find yourself running away from positions, rather than just slowly backing away from them, hits to the engine are not uncommon, thus you can get set on fire pretty often. The first time I reached 100% on the Lansen, the day before I reached it I was stuck at 98% because I kept getting set on fire (5-6 fires in a 15-20 battle session). However, the next day I went without a single fire in another 20 battle session when I reached 100%, so obviously there's still luck of a the draw with whether or not engine fires will happen. Fuel tank fires are not a concern in the Lansen, and if you take fuel tank damage, just repair the fuel tanks and you'll be fine. Engine fires happen far, far more often than fuel tank fires do.




10/10 [Perfect]


Never before has WG introduced a tank that is both as fast, fun and competitive as the Lansen C. Other "super fast mediums" like the AMX CDC have failed spectacularly, and only the Bourrasque has also been a success in that regard. However, the Bourrasque's gun is infuriatingly unreliable, and while it is true that the Lansen's gun can be a bit derpy at times, it never reaches a frustrating level of unreliability.


The Lansen C feels like you're zipping around in a light tank, because often times, you are! It's a tiny, low profile tank with insanely strong HP/ton. It's the size of a light tank, with the acceleration of a light tank. It feels like an LT-432 in many ways, except you have nearly double the alpha damage, more gun depression, more DPM, but of course at the cost of any armor.


Especially if you choose to go with the Turbocharger loadout, you feel like you're a Tier 8 version of the WZ-132A... Except you're still smaller, with double the gun depression. Actually, comparing the Lansen C to the Tier 9 WZ-132A, you have nearly identical camo and view range values, exactly identical DPM and alpha, nearly identical shell velocity, more HP and better accuracy. You also have double the gun depression, nearly identical APCR pen and only 3.6 worse hp/ton.


Of course, you're sacrificing some mobility (primarily top speed and traverse speed), some camo on the move (light tank specialty), and gun handling values on the move... But still, the Lansen C finds itself being so similar in so many ways to a light tank an entire Tier higher, with so many important characteristics (accuracy, gun depression, size of the tank), even being in the favor of the Lansen C! Except the Lansen C is a medium tank, an entire Tier lower! And it's a Premium!


In my eyes, the Lansen C is a must-have. Unless you're the world's most dedicated heavy tank player or arty player, and you hate anything with mobility, then the Lansen C is a must-have in your Garage. Chances are, you'll love the tank. And even if you find it tricky to play and can't maximize it's competitive potential, then you'll still have boat-loads of fun with the tank. And if you can tap into its competitive side, well... There's truly no other tank like it. Not even the Bourrasque and Progetto 46 reach the Lansen C's level of competitiveness (at least for Random Battles).

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Shia_Halud #8 Posted Oct 15 2020 - 22:12


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Seems that Scorpiany has highlighted the good and cons of the tank, thanks for the critique of Lansen C. Sold Me.

Casual_Boops #9 Posted Oct 16 2020 - 05:21


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View PostShia_Halud, on Oct 15 2020 - 15:12, said:

Seems that Scorpiany has highlighted the good and cons of the tank, thanks for the critique of Lansen C. Sold Me.


And what do you think of it??


Shia_Halud #10 Posted Oct 17 2020 - 20:40


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Seems OK and perhaps will purchase it, only the Shadow knows.

latvius #11 Posted Oct 20 2020 - 16:09

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Please sell us the Skin WG!

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