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would anyone be willing to help me in team steel hunter mode?

steel hunter team platoon Bladed

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BladedPheonix #1 Posted Oct 17 2020 - 02:49


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Howdy tankers!


So normally I don't ask things like this (because I'm really shy:hiding:) but I need some help getting the last 4 points for my last token.


I'm looking for some platoon mates because I keep getting run down like a dog by hellbringers in singles mode. i keep dyign around tier 10and I'm getting to the point where I figured "eh maybe if I'm in a platoon I'll last a bit longer?"


Anyways, I have coms/Teamspeak/discord, and I'm a pretty OK team player so If you'd like to lead or would rather I lead, I can do either.


I'd prefer players who have experience but honestly I'll take anyone who can spare few rounds. also if you can't play tonight, I'm off all day tomarrow.


If not that's ok, I'll even take some advice on tactics for singles "steel Hunter" for any tank.



let me know if you want help a for fella out.


until next time 

Stay safe and stay healthy!:honoring:



P.S.  Oh and Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to help out!



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Vulcan_Spectre #2 Posted Oct 17 2020 - 03:08


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if you want a place to play wot and stuff I can invite you to a mostly chill discord server that is the main hub of the clan i was very recently in, I'll be playing in the next few days and will be happy to platoon


if you want that invite message me or I prob won't see it

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