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Why do people get so upset at bad players?

bad players salt rage chat toxicity

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Gothraul #81 Posted Dec 01 2020 - 07:29


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View Post_VIBECHECK_, on Nov 26 2020 - 19:10, said:

What grinds my gears is watching low performance players live out this mental fantasy where being bad at the game means they're "well adjusted" and anyone that plays better than them has no actual skills. Just admit that you're bad dude there's nothing wrong with being bad, but the mental gymnastics are embarrassing to watch

This sums up the thread in general and their double standards towards ruining the enjoyment of others with their poor play yet virtue signal the moment anyone points out how their play adds to the toxicity in the game. Personally I don't have any of the social cancer that is xvm installed and play without chat focusing on my own play but it would be nice to not have stacks of bots getting in the way between the instant deaths at the start of the battle as well the parasites kemping the red line doing only token damage at the end of a rolf stomp.

legionnaire8 #82 Posted Dec 01 2020 - 14:36


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I'm an average player like many in this game.  Toxic chat never really bothered me cause I just dont care.  Even if I did care I could turn chat off.


What does seem weird to me is when they private message you trying to start an argument and tell you that you're [edited].

Maniac57c #83 Posted Dec 02 2020 - 02:01

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Perhaps the issue is not ALL on bad players, considering how often RNG decides all your shots are going to kill dirt or trees instead of what you aimed at.

Yeah sure better players end up with better scores usually, but even semi-competent players would do a LOT better if RNG were turned down or off.

But unfortunately,WG decided that RNG was going to take the place of basic skills by helping tomatoes do better, so this is the way things are.

RNGesus mostly taketh away, and seldom giveth.

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