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Incoming! Update 1.11.1 Common Test Rolls Out!

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JerryRangers_SAO_Rabbit #21 Posted Jan 07 2021 - 03:09


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Itialian tier X heavy looks like a garbage! 260 pen APCR can pen this heavy tank's face at any angle! 

FT2_LAFFEY #22 Posted Jan 07 2021 - 08:47


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I think the dpm should be buffed on these rinoceronte. It is so painful to fire those shells and wait for so long only to deal 490. I think it should be 12/14/16. It would give it a much better dpm. And if you empty the magazine, you are able to be back in the fight and more useful to your team. Everything else I am okay with. It is good to have weakpoints and not make it a 277 auto loader. The tank suffers against autoloader and single shot tanks. The dpm is just too low

Anzhelia #23 Posted Jan 11 2021 - 03:01

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So here's my thoughts on the Italian Heavy Tanks.

The tier 7 to 9 seem to have a clear path, however the tier 10 is quite a let down when it comes to it. The tier 10 is not as fast as its tier 9 counterpart, isn't as armored in the turret as the tier 9 counterpart, has pitiful DPM that makes the Pz. 7 look good, and overall, just breaks the line to be mediocre overall.

[EDIT] I probably would increase the speed of it and maybe reduce the reload and it would probably be where it should be. It's certainly more balanced than a lot of other releases of tanks, but it could use a little loving touch ups.

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FireToast #24 Posted Jan 16 2021 - 22:25


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The tier 10 Italian heavy either needs a decent DPM buff or a turret armor buff. As it stands the tank has an outrageously long reload even with a full drum and when it pops up to fire it will almost always be penned by whatever it's fighting. Even using its full gun depression most any premium round and even some standard rounds at tier 10 will easily pen the turret, not to mention the big weakspot on top of the gun. If it had a great gun to make up for the ineffective armor or effective armor to make up for the bad gun that would be one thing, but as it stands your armor will very rarely stop a shell even in the best situation for you and you have no chance of outgunning any tank you fight.

Gryphon_ #25 Posted Jan 26 2021 - 20:15


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Patch failed to apply effective nerf to the EBR105. Tier 10 still dominated by the clown cars. <facepalm>

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