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Have I missed something on hit accuracy?

accuracy aiming circle parascope

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fredrdas #1 Posted Jan 07 2021 - 01:29


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Hi guys. First time posting here and did so only after much soul searching. Long story short, what is going on with accuracy (sniper mode, not the typical complaint of snap to terrain). It seems almost every game now I'm hidden and stabilized, see enemy come out from behind a rock, shoot, miss enemy - even miss rock he snap shots and hits me - often all of his buddies that I didnt see hit me too. That is repeated until I get into cover. I know about the aiming circle and even distribution yes, my shots are in the circle but quite often near the edge. It is rare that I get a hit on a first shot. 


Its gotten so bad that I hope my periscope gets damaged because my accuracy is better without it. Is this just my imagination? Anyone else see anything like this? 

tod914 #2 Posted Jan 07 2021 - 02:26


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Packet loss has been real bad.  Especially this past weekend.  In fact the worse I have seen it.  It's not just you fredrdas.  Try a different game until it clears up.

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