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Maps - Random Variety/ Map Variants

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virak_us #1 Posted Jan 12 2021 - 17:43


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Currently, 9 out of 10 games are 100% the same aka "mediums go there, heavies go there, sit on the same spots, same corners" and you fight pretty much the same fight every time.


Half of the time the location is a deathtrap at the same time - you go in - You commit and win or lose at the same exact spot.


So, why not:


keep the maps as they are but:


- make certain streets blocked by debris or even housing or not

- make certain bridges destroyed or up

- create floodings or not - aka passable/impassable fields

- make some rivers dried up or not - aka trench or no trench

- etc


Create or better said (pick) a number of objects on each map and make it randomly chosen per map.


Even 2 of these per map would already give 4 variants of a single map.


These changed objects should be clearly visible on the mini map (or even announced on the pre-battle screen in "slots" )



This creates enough similarity to define strategies while getting rid of the (and boring) repetitiveness.


Relatively easy to define/implement, especially compared to designing new maps.


With some maps this will be easier than others but even if you have half of them it would seriously affect the experience of repetitiveness.



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Suicidal_Enemy #2 Posted Jan 12 2021 - 18:03


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They don't care ............

GeorgePreddy #3 Posted Jan 12 2021 - 18:08


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Your idea would simply give Tin-Foil Hat conspiracy theory nuts another thing to claim to be not actually random, but instead, that WG is using the variables to pick on them personally.


So... no. Leave the things that are "carved in stone" carved in stone.








cheapbooks #4 Posted Jan 16 2021 - 11:37


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here is what happened.


people complained about SPG, so all maps became corridor maps. now, everyone goes to same battle position immediately. before, anything could happen


second, people complained about MM. no more 6 tds vs 6 HTs. so now the game positioning is all the same, before you had to guess by how many enemy tanks there were, where they might go.

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