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Damage and penetration question

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Newcastle22 #1 Posted Oct 08 2011 - 17:09


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I just started play WoT about a week ago.  I have been reading a lot of the helpfull posts but I still have some questions.  When reviewing the stats for a cannon I don't understand the damage and pentration numbers.(xxx/yyy/zzz)What do x,y and z stand for in regards to damage and penetration?  And is it better to max out damage or penetration?  Thanks in advance for any and all help.

akoaih #2 Posted Oct 08 2011 - 17:16


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The numbers are listed for the different types of ammo for that gun, usually AP/gold/HE.  As for what ammo characteristics to look for on a particular gun, experience and more forum reading are my only suggestions.  Not to be a smart ass, it's just not simple and also is a little subjective.

Unknown0ne #3 Posted Oct 08 2011 - 17:24


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If your looking at the stats for a gun, I believe the x/y/z is AP/GOLD/HE (for most guns), basically each number is the average damage or penetration for that type of ammo in that gun.

In general, it's better to go for pen because you normally do more damage in the long run anyway, which for most guns means using AP if you don't want to spend gold. The reason being is, even if HE shows it does more damage, that's only if it penetrates the enemy tank, if it doesn't (and normally it won't to tanks the same tier as you) it only does a fraction of its listed damage. Some guns however are slanted towards HE rounds, you can normally tell this by the gun having poor penetration compared to similar guns of its tier while having a larger diameter (the KV's 152 is an example of this, as is the Sherman's 105). If the gun you're using isn't designed for HE, then you should only use HE when you can't pen with AP.

I suggest reading WoT Wiki: Ammunition and WoT Wiki: Penetration if you haven't already.

sampak #4 Posted Oct 08 2011 - 17:25


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Penetration is important as you can only do damage with AP (and gold premium) ammo if it penetrates. With HE ammo it damages 0-50% if it doesn't penetrate, and full when it does penetrate. You'll notice HE penetration value is often lower, much more so than AP.

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