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You Ask - We Reply! Answers from EU/RU server #4

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a1fox3 #21 Posted Nov 16 2011 - 03:28


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View PostInsanebrutality, on Oct 17 2011 - 21:55, said:

Why wont it load i DL the game and its stuck at loading when i start the luancher
i dont know whats going on but its annoying the hell out of me
Technical support service

View PostInsanebrutality, on Oct 17 2011 - 21:56, said:

it wont even let me press the close button or any other buttons
Technical support service

View PostInsanebrutality, on Oct 17 2011 - 21:58, said:

someone help me please
Technical support service

View Posttrickster, on Nov 15 2011 - 21:04, said:

Where do I report a in game cheater. Some one on your team telling the other team where tanks are coming from?

screen shot it and send it to Technical support service


redhairdave #22 Posted Nov 17 2011 - 18:04


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sounds like technical support services is the place to send those type of technical problems...captain obvious is obvious

dcr162 #23 Posted Nov 18 2011 - 01:09

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View Postenduringfreedom, on Oct 16 2011 - 22:24, said:

i did not know were to ask this but why is it tanks will disappear 2 ft in front of me? and why is it the TYP-59 is in this game it is way to powerful and to heavily armored for this game please do something about this. and not only me but i think everyone would like to see some better non premium tanks. to combat the TYP-59 and LOWE. i do understand that they are gold tanks but the typ-59 ruins this game for people that don't or cant put money into this game.
first off: the Type-59 is definitely NOT overpowered, i CRUSH them 1v1 with the Pershing, it isn't even a match, i have a harder time fighting panther Is that Type-59s.

Secondly, the Lowe and Type-59s are premium tanks, I have no idea why you see the need to have premium tanks to combat premium tanks, why not EARN an actual tier 8 instead of complaining that you don't have money for a premium tank.

Thirdly, we all know the spotting system is messed up, and i can understand your frustration, it bothers me too when a tank, usually an IS series, TD, Type 59, Tiger II, or Russian TD, disappears right in front of me while I am blatantly looking right at it.

jap #24 Posted Feb 27 2012 - 01:49


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how can i create skin for my tank?

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