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Bond vehicles only show up as available whether the bond filter is on or off

Bond Filter Tanks

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Almighty_Roger #1 Posted Jan 30 2021 - 16:32


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So 2 friends and I were platooning tier 5s and everything was working fine.  Then I started to get a message that the tank I had been playing was unsuitable.  So I would exit the platoon and they would invite me back and I could select the same tank I had been playing.  So that is what we did.  After we played for a while they left and after the first battle I go the same problem.  After troubleshooting I found that the only tanks  I could select were tanks that earned bonds (purple background in the scroll bar). 


Attached is a screenshot with the bond filter turned off: it shows that even with the bond filter turned off only bond earning tanks show up as available for battle while all other tanks are not suitable for battle.  If I turn the bond filter on then only bond earning tanks show up in the scroll bar as would be expected.

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coopergetready #2 Posted Sep 06 2021 - 07:41


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When I constantly had "unsuitable" tanks, I did the same as this guy:


The solution was to buy a tier 5 and the option to change battle modes appeared in the menu.




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