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Looking for Newcomer Referral Recruit :)

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StealthyDead #1 Posted Jan 31 2021 - 02:57


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There's a pretty stellar referral program in World of Tanks wherein if you have <200 battles, you can partner up with a person with 600+ battles and be their "recruit."  You get a 50% bonus to credits and experience when you platoon up and play together.  You also earn referral points by playing and eventually unlock a tier 5-7 premium tank for free.


I have a little over 1200 battles right now, and I'm looking for another recruit that is active!  Each "commander" is allowed 2 recruits.  I have one that I brought over with me from other games.  I'm looking for another that is going to be online pretty much daily.


Hit me up.  I like to think I'm a pretty nice guy. 




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Cnupm_C2H5OH #2 Posted Apr 15 2021 - 21:22


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I'm looking for recuits too, here's my link https://worldoftanks...219dbf687361e36

CADerecho #3 Posted Apr 21 2021 - 16:27


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Same as above, thought I'd reach out with a referral program link as it would help both of us get rewards.  I've got nearly 30k battles of experience and so can always help you with tips and any questions you may have about the game.   My referral link is: https://worldoftanks...aa6cb9fd3d10339


The referral program will give us both bonds which is generally a currency restricted to end game player and once we conclude it will give us a free premium tank

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