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So, what modules and crew skills for your Type 59?

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Dameon #1 Posted Oct 09 2011 - 04:46


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What module combos have people found that they liked or would recommend?

For me Vents were a given, as the boost effects everything. I am having trouble deciding what to take for the other two though.

I considered Coated Optics but it's not that great a boost and the view range is pretty decent anyways.

The Vertical Stabilizer Mk 1 is really appealing, but there are some other choices I think might be better. Has anyone used this and what do you think of it? Does is just stop your targeting circle from getting so big when you move? If so, then would mean it would take even less time to go the minimum size when you stop, as it is tightening up from a smaller diameter to being with?

If my previous thoughts about the VS Mk1 are right, then you could probably skip the Gun Laying Drive.

This tank seams to take Module Damage like crazy, so right now that Toolbox Module looks really good!

My biggest peeve with this tank is the reload time, so I am also considering the Gun Rammer. This Module also doesn't seam to give as good a % boost as others do, but it does address my one real dislike of this tank.

So, I have vents but with only two slots left I am still trying to decide between the Stabilizer, Toolbox or Rammer.

Crew Skills:

I like the idea of being sneaky and I know from my other tanks & crews that a high Camouflage skill can be just awesome sometimes. The downside is that I tend to mix it up a bit in a brawl so it's fairly certain that I will have multiple enemies around me, which means some enemy tank will be able to spot me for the rest of them. This tank isn't a TD stealth ninja.

Once more, this tank takes a really beating to its Modules, so for me I think boosting my crew's Repair skill is the way to go. Combined with the Toolbox Module I could get some crazy fast repairs.

I've suffered a lot of fuel tank hits but *knock on wood* very few fires. So I am content with the manual extinguishers for now.

Green_Ghost #2 Posted Oct 09 2011 - 04:52

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my setup
repairs,  I do not hide and spot on this machine  
Stabilizer for the run and gun attacks
Rammer, lower end dps cannon needs faster pew pews
3rd is pretty flexible
always keep repair kits to spam the track repairs

Matchmaker #3 Posted Oct 09 2011 - 04:53


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I personally use vents/rammer/vert.stab but you might want to stick a WAR in there somewhere depending on how often you get racked.
I went into repair for the crew skills because it has an incredibly slow track repair time, and if you get tracked you die.

B2theW #4 Posted Oct 09 2011 - 04:54


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add tool box,rammer and get repair skills

Travlla #5 Posted Oct 09 2011 - 04:58

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Mines got vent/rammer/WAR crew repair,camo.fire-fighter ,was getting racked a bit,all good now

777pwner #6 Posted Oct 09 2011 - 05:53

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I have a rammer, ventilation and gun laying drive... but I wanted binoculers and optics (one for standing still and one while moving... as far as I understand) because I treat this tank as a scout/spotter rather then one of those heavies you hide, shoot and hide again.

JackQueRudo #7 Posted Oct 09 2011 - 06:46


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I run 1. Vert Stab 2. Rammer 3. Vent
Crew skills are almost 100% for Repair since you'll need to fix your tracks (like paper) very often.

I wouldn't recommend staying still as this tank unless you got a good hull down position where they can only shoot your turret.

DEADP00L_ #8 Posted Oct 09 2011 - 08:40


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this is what i got:

Rammer, Vert, and Vent. and for consumables i always have the Remove Speed Governor(trust me you won't regret buying one of these),
Repair kit and a Health Kit

and my crew so far is at 100% with 100% repair and 53%camo(its awesome to be able to hide very quickly after an ambush)

OutlawSundown #9 Posted Oct 09 2011 - 19:35

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I go with Rammer, Vertical Stab, and Vent. Consumable wise I go with repair, remove speed governor, and quality oil(the combo seems to give this tank excellent acceleration in the low end).  In terms of crew training repair right off.

MaxMike #10 Posted Oct 10 2011 - 02:28


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Vert Stab
Coated Optics

Vents give you very little when your crew gets 100%. Might drop the optics for WAR.

xabka #11 Posted Oct 10 2011 - 15:05


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Repair/toolbox/vert stab/WAR

iDestroya #12 Posted Oct 13 2011 - 15:51

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I have gun rammer, and wet ammo rack. I'm surprised nobody's mentioned wet ammo rack. This thing gets ammo racked a lot. It also gets tracked very easily - any sort of hit on it, it's tracked. I once got 37 hits (steel wall) because I was sitting there tracked the whole game lol. So crew repair, yes. Now for the last slot, I'm wondering if I should run with a repair tool box or go for vertical stabilizer?

Quantoran #13 Posted Oct 13 2011 - 17:22


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View PostiDestroya, on Oct 13 2011 - 15:51, said:

I have gun rammer, and wet ammo rack. I'm surprised nobody's mentioned wet ammo rack. This thing gets ammo racked a lot. It also gets tracked very easily - any sort of hit on it, it's tracked. I once got 37 hits (steel wall) because I was sitting there tracked the whole game lol. So crew repair, yes. Now for the last slot, I'm wondering if I should run with a repair tool box or go for vertical stabilizer?

I'd go for a vert stab. Works well with the run and gun stuff :) Manual aim while cruising at 56 km/h needs all the help it can get lol. And wet ammo rack has been mentioned b4, but as WAR.

ArcticSoldier #14 Posted Oct 13 2011 - 18:31


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Vents, Vert, Rammer

Seems to work great for me :)

Ses #15 Posted Oct 17 2011 - 07:39


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Rammer, vents, vert stab, cammo skill almost maxed, doing repair next.

luckystrikes03 #16 Posted Oct 19 2011 - 20:07


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View PostMaxMike, on Oct 10 2011 - 02:28, said:

Vents give you very little when your crew gets 100%.
Have a source for this?

Wiki - Ventilation
"The bonus is still added even when all the crew have a 100% base skill, and multiplicative with the 10% bonus applied for having a Commander at 100% skill, resulting in a maximum of 116% skill for each crew member."
"+6% view range increase due to Vents at 100% crew"

Kapitan_Monika #17 Posted Oct 19 2011 - 20:38


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Vertical stabilizer, rammer, and vent
My crew is at 95% repair, and to throw onto that I use consumable oil to add a little more to my engine.

__SNIPER__74 #18 Posted Oct 19 2011 - 23:49


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I run the same set up on all mediums.

Vert Stab.
Coated Optics

Camo -> Repair -> fire fighting

small repair kit
small first aid kit
credit gasoline

For clan battles (In the -54 or E-50), large kits and auto fire ext.

meanmonkey45 #19 Posted Oct 20 2011 - 14:39


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A complete break down is available on my latest post, under 'Chinese Invasion' - 'T59 - Deadliest Tank in the World ?' Pros & cons of the different mods & upgrades
that under went battle testing are discussed.

For my personal T59 ? The +20% Mk II Vertical Stabilizer/+25% Binoc/Telescope Optics/-10% Gun Rammer module combination. ALSO ... the +10%hp Removed Speed Governor/-10%
Auto-Fire Extinguisher/Large Repair Kit for consumable slots,(allows for fast repair an engine failure due to the removed speed governor & other key components). The T59
does not suffer track loss/engine fires/or turret & gun malfunctions often. The +5% vent fans/+15% spall liner/+25% tool kits are blanket safety modules, primarily set-up
for other tank types. The above set-up allows me to 'wolf pack' - firing on the run, while maintaining the versatility of a 'sniper rig'. It is NOT a 'slugger' - and 2 tanks
using over lapping fire is it's worst enemy. I have pushed this tank to it's limits and beyond !

I highly recommend a 100% trained crew & mine are already 90% mech skill trained. The performance of the 100mm cannon is greatly enhanced by using the 'gold' rounds. The armor
piercing ammo is adequate, and the explosive ammo is virtually useless. Always find another T59 (or 2 ~ 3) to run with and you will devastate any enemy traveling solo. I have
been in many 3 & 4 - T59 'wolf pack' battles. We have destroyed all six of our tier VIII enemy with only one loss of our own. My clan trains with T59's in 'wolf pack' formation
due to their mobile destructive potential.

You will find a working combination eventually. Luckily, I own 18 tanks, so swapping modules & consumables around isn't an expensive proposition. But it was in the beginning, I
can assure you. I would pull an all-niter just to get my hands on a -10% gun laying device & a cammo-net. Convinced that with these improvements, I would crush my enemies & hear
their women lament. But alas ... such was not the case. It still takes a lot of work to be good at this game - so ... Good Luck & may you find your T59 path to Nirvana !


TwiztedMunky #20 Posted Oct 20 2011 - 15:15

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Vent, Rammer, Gun laying drive, Seems to work for me. Added bonus is 100% repair skills. Only take a few seconds to fix a track and keep going. But then again, Sometimes all it takes is a few seconds right?

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