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Difficult Time Playing my BC 25t in Tier VIII Games

BC25t Tier 8 Tier VIII

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Swissen #1 Posted Feb 11 2021 - 17:55


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My games in my Batchat 25t in Tier 8 games always go incredibly quick, I'd say out of my last 30 games being in Tier 8 matches they always end up ending within 4-6 minutes; complete steamrolls. I'm having a hard time getting a good amount of damage due to my 35 second reload and the fact that the Batchat doesn't like to hit its shots. I'm not a bad player so I suppose I know what I'm doing a majority of the time. I have around 2400 recent WN8.


It just seems silly for me that I do more damage in my Tier 10 games then my Tier 8 matches, I prefer right now to play Tier 10 games over Tier 8. I understand why I do more damage due to the games being much slower, even if it's only a few more minutes. The later half of the games open up a great deal of potential damage for me.


Any advice for Tier 8 games? Should I start intentionally slowing down whichever line I'm pushing to wait to push before my reload? I'm trying to 3 mark it so I'm willing to lose my games for damage but I'd prefer to not. I typically go down the Heavy lines in Tier 8 games due to the more potential HP and also the pace of the push is typically slower.

Waarheid #2 Posted Feb 11 2021 - 18:03


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I'd reccomend tracking shots so you get more assiist. Don't empty the clip on just one tank, unless you can kill it and hide. 

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Lukas_FishGang4Life #3 Posted Feb 13 2021 - 20:11


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In my opinion, you should stick with pushing the mediums flank in the BC (situational of course, this doesn't apply to every game). Capitalize on your clip potential by clipping down entire tier 8 tanks and flip that side of the map and use your mobility to flank the heavies. BC 3 marks are currently around 4100 last I checked, that is 2 clips and some assistance. Tracking shots will serve you well, and since you are in an autoloader you have an extreme advantage in your permanent tracking, and since you are in a BC you also have some limited scouting ability you can use depending on the map. Even if games only last 4-6 minute, that is enough time for 2 clips and some extra. 

Tier 10s have immense influence over tier 8 games, take advantage of that and you should find more success. It is ok to be more aggrieve thanks to your HP and trading advantage when compared to an all tier 10 game. 

Kliphie #4 Posted Feb 13 2021 - 20:21


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View PostSwissen, on Feb 11 2021 - 10:55, said:

It just seems silly for me that I do more damage in my Tier 10 games then my Tier 8 matches


The HP pool in an all tier 10 game is considerably larger than in a 3/5/7.  

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