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Comparison Old Crew vs Crew 2.0

crew 2.0

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RealBattousai #1 Posted Feb 23 2021 - 22:45


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Ok so thought I would share a comparison of my S. Conq/Chief crew on the sandbox versus live server, in the Chief with same equipment on both. This is just one potential setup, which of course can be tweaked, maybe others can share your comparisons too, overall it seems Crew 2.0 can give better skill results than the current system.


First the crew skills sandbox then live:



Next firepower, again sandbox first, then live, as you see overall better on the sandbox:



Next survivability, sandbox, then live, definitely more stuff here on the sandbox, especially the consumable cooldown is great:



and finally the rest, mobility, concealment and spotting, sandbox first, then live, again better skills on the sandbox on everything other than traverse speed:



Cowcat137 #2 Posted Feb 23 2021 - 22:57


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Thanks for some actual content, NA staff can't be bothered to show up with any.

Crazy___Canuck #3 Posted Feb 23 2021 - 23:11

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View PostCowcat137, on Feb 23 2021 - 22:57, said:

Thanks for some actual content, NA staff can't be bothered to show up with any.

Agreed.  +1


I look forward to other smart players sharing their experiences and providing guidance to help others (like myself that can't/won't try to interpret this stuff into plain language). 



__WarChild__ #4 Posted Feb 23 2021 - 23:16

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View PostCowcat137, on Feb 23 2021 - 15:57, said:

Thanks for some actual content, NA staff can't be bothered to show up with any.


They are taking a considerable amount of time explaining it to the CCs who will then pass that information along to you folks. You can also join their live stream RIGHT NOW and ask direct questions.  WGNA busts their bums to try and get the info out appropriately - they just get hamstrung by the RU too much.



Kefic #5 Posted Feb 23 2021 - 23:17

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Here is my M48 and E50m.  I will go down the list, first number will be on live, second number on sandbox.



ROF 8.17/7.8

load time 7.34/7.69

turret traverse 50.05/47.78

Aim time 1.67/1.75

dispersion .32/.33

vehicle traverse speed 70.06/64.15

camo 16.58/11.27

spotting 486/460


This is a 3 skill, 87% into the 4th skill crew.



Let's look at the E50M.  Currently a 4 skill, 81% fifth skill crew.


ROF 7.93/7.63

load time 7.56/7.86

traverse speed 34.27/36.07

aim time 1.84/1.96

.26/.28 dispersion

vehicle traverse speed 56.25/54.23

concealment 20.02/12.86

spotting 465 (+2 seconds for designated target)/428


So no...I am not happy about it.  At all.

I_QQ_4_U #6 Posted Feb 23 2021 - 23:23


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This is my 140, tried to match up the skills as close as possible, with the points I have(53) I can't afford the BIA equivalent yet which I currently have.



With 75 points I can get the new BIA and one more maxed, probably Smooth Ride, which means I won't have much in firefighting.


A lot of the new skills remind me of some of the equipment in EQ2, situational, may only benefit specialist tanks or very specific play styles.


Edit: I just realized the VR on the current setup is wrong, I don't have SA yet, so it's really only at 459m. But once I do have SA it will be 473m.

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Cowcat137 #7 Posted Feb 24 2021 - 04:26


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They didn't allocate any time for forums.  They should have.

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