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Intuition might be broken with this setup

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NateRocko #1 Posted Feb 23 2021 - 22:54


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Look at this setup QB did with max intuition skill and 4 instructors.



EDIT: I think I fixed the link

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omi5cron #2 Posted Feb 23 2021 - 23:00


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i just saw that. NOW i get why some people are salivating...not for this PARTICULAR thing, but other obscure DEEP down jiggering.

I_QQ_4_U #3 Posted Feb 23 2021 - 23:05


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I hope it's not broken since this is a good thing. The skill was utterly useless before, now it's worth having if you want it and you're going to have to give up something else to get it.

Flakker2 #4 Posted Feb 23 2021 - 23:53


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You do realize that he dumped all his instructors into this build. It is not broken, just very situational. He could have gotten other attributes boosted but he chose to do an intuition build and he is giving up a lot to make it happen.


So I don’t think it is broken. It adds a variety to the game since now you don’t know if the guy will have HESH or AP loaded. Although you did not know that before, most of the time, it was HESH but now you will be surprised more often than not!

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