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Crew 2.0 Adrenaline Rush description

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_ShakeNBake_ #1 Posted Today, 12:06 AM

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The description for "Adrenaline Rush" is somewhat confusing and seems to get worse as I add points? Without any points, it states that the effect kicks in when you lose 0% of your durability, with 1 point, it kicks in when you lose 5% of your durability. This seems to imply that you have to lose more HP in order for the effect to activate. Should this actually read that the effect works once you are *below* x% of your durability remaining? The magnitude of the effect (7%) doesn't change with points?

RealBattousai #2 Posted Today, 12:45 AM


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Yeah I believe the description is wrong, I think its the opposite of what it states, so with 1 point... you get the 7% boost to aiming time if you have 5% durability REMAINING. So on one crew I have 12 points into it 10 + 2 from a trainer, which gives 60%... i.e. I believe if I have 60% of my hitpoints then the 7% kicks in.

joel9507 #3 Posted Today, 03:55 PM

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Posting to confirm, the description is wrong.  And it may wrong both in the way it's worded, and in what it's trying to say


Problem 1: Confusing Wording In Garage

The verbage currently in the sandbox client is misleading and confusing.  The way it's worded in the WOT website's page describing sandbox crew 2.0 https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/updates/sandbox-crew-2-0/ is better, making it clearer that the effect of adding points to this skill is to raise the threshold of remaining health you have to have lost before the effect triggers.  


I'd have put in a screenshot, but for some reason, now, WOT forum software doesn't allow linking to PostImage URLs (?!?!) 


Anyway, this is what it says.


Block Quote

 Adrenaline Rush:  Reload time is reduced by 7% when your vehicle's durability is reduced to X%, where X is increased by 5% per Skill Point invested.  For example, if 2 Skill Pointss are invested, X equals 10% of the vehicle's total hit points.

Note:  To see this text for yourself, go to the page I linked above, and scroll to interactive image area (about 1/3 of the way down the page)  A little under the picture of Yevgeniy Semashko, there are icons for ea​ch of the new skills.  Mouse over the Adrenaline Rush icon, and that text shows up in a popup.


This makes clear that the effect of putting skill points into AR is to let increasingly healthier tanks take advantage - if you max it out with 10 points, you'd get the benefit with 50% of your health left.  With only one point spent, your tank would have to be beaten up to 5% or fewer of its hit points remaining, before AR would kick in.


Problem 2: In the sandbox client (see the post from _ShakeNBake two posts above), the description says that AR only affects aim time, not reload time


Hopefully, it is the description in the sandbox garage that is wrong - if the effect truly did change to only affect aim time, rather than continue to affect reload time as it currently does, and as the web page text indicates, AR would now be kind of pointless. 


Anyway, I cannot tell what the actual effect is in the sandbox game, so cannot say whether the in-game description is wrong, or the web page description is wrong, but since they differ, one must be wrong.   

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