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Instructors: Crapshoot assignment of skill effects

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joel9507 #1 Posted Feb 24 2021 - 21:03

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Just so you know....

The way the sandbox assigns skills to your instructors is apparently irrevocable and, within constraints, random.  Bottom line: you do NOT get to pick the specific skills you'd like them to work on.


It's not completely random....you get to select which group of skills (the Course) from which a subset will be presented for you to make your final selection.   For my Instructor III, I selected "Tactics" and then a set of three alternatives to get boosted were presented.  So, there are five possible skills in the Course you selected, and there's a chance that the one you may have wanted is in the three they assign for you to choose one of.  But if not....too bad, too sad.


This is NOT a good way to configure instructors.  Most/all of them were excellent crew (mostly commanders, in my setup) and the idea of having their end use be random....sucks.


And, it does not appear you can undo the choices.  I will finish my one test level III and confirm that back.


Yeah, no way to change it back. :(

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Projectile_Misfired #2 Posted Feb 24 2021 - 21:21


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+1 for your "crabshoot" assessment.

_GeorgePreddy_II #3 Posted Jan 03 2022 - 17:38


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Last 2 replies above are AD bots.









H3llCat_ #4 Posted Jan 13 2022 - 13:10


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View Post_GeorgePreddy_II, on Jan 03 2022 - 16:38, said:

Last 2 replies above are AD bots.










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