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KRZYBooP's Used Tank Emporium! LEFEFEFEFEFEFE, and 13 57!


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cloudwalking #61 Posted Feb 28 2021 - 17:17


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Lef is one of the most toxic things in the game.  In large part because new players don't own it and constantly gight against them.  It's horrible for low tiers.


the fact it's krazy's favorite tank and wants to toon 3 of them is hilarious.  


Sure, people can have their own opinions...crap, I know morons who believe the world is flat or no older than 6k years.  The opinion that the lef isn't a problem is on par with flat earthers.  


Calling anyone one who says this a whiner and toxic is pretty ironic to say the least.


you guys have fun.

killerman1997 #62 Posted Mar 02 2021 - 21:49


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View Postblack_colt, on Feb 28 2021 - 02:02, said:


So you still do not answer my question after that novel.

Ok - you state that the Le clearly has a large impact on winning games - please show us so I can understand exactly how you came to that opinion as you have not given facts.

I guess i was a little to personal to you Black. Ill try again without being as toxic as you.


Please take a look at the picture book again, im sure the pictures have a lot of colors and words but we can work that out together im sure.


Look at the numbers for win rate. i know i know. there are lots of them.

you see how the lefh is top for all of them but one website?


Lets think about it. The lefh on that site has 10k battles recorded. LARGE sample size.

The other tanks, most of them have less than 1K battles, Not so large sample size.


Now, What dont you understand, honestly im open ears. Are you saying winrate doesnt correlate to strong tanks?


You got me there, in 99% of cases winrate does correlate to strong tanks. BUT there is that 1% chance they dont.


Lets talk about that 1% and why it happens.


The 1% is because only a few, strong players have the tank, and they can pull the win rate up.

Case in point the VK 72.01 K. This is a reward tank, given out to the best players in wot.


the VK 72.01 K Is not that strong, id say its actually one of the more weaker tier 10 tanks. Yet it has a 60 day recent win rate of ~56%


The lefh on the other hand can be bought by anyone and its sold commonly for new players to buy. This implies that new players, not good players, have this tank and should be dragging the win rate down. Yet its still has the best win rate out of all arty. This means that WG needs to do a real study into why this is the case. It vary well could be that only good players have it, but i doubt that is the case.


Now if that doesn't clarify things for you, Please state the problem that you are having a hard time understanding.


And i am sorry about my outburst, but id like you to know, i would have done the same thing in person, I was VERY frustrated with you, as you are either trolling, or can not grasp what im trying to explain, which can be my fault for not putting it into simpler words.


RenamedUser_696969696969 #63 Posted Mar 02 2021 - 21:53

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This tank should've never been sold again.

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