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Given what I've read on the EU server is sounds like Update 1.12 will

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C257_Tanks #1 Posted Mar 01 2021 - 22:03


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....... further reduce the need for legitimate mods because, at least in my case, the upgrade is folding into the main game several of the things I've been using a mod for (and they say as such).  Below is what I read and I've bolded the ones I'm most pleased with:

All these improvements are inspired by the best solutions from popular modifications.
  • You can now view the total amount of HP each team has left. This option will help you better assess the balance of forces and make more informed tactical decisions.
  • We will also add special icons to the player list interface in battle to indicate which vehicles have already been spotted and which are still fighting unnoticed. This will allow you to more accurately predict the enemy's location.
  • If you enter a new battle before the previous one has ended, you will receive the results of the previous battle the moment it ends, right on the battlefield.
  • You can now specify a default zoom multiplier. Each time you enter Sniper Mode, the camera will snap right to the preset zoom level, so you don’t need to do it manually anymore.

redjkent #2 Posted Mar 01 2021 - 22:17


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i have been using mods for years that tell this why did it take wg so long to implement them into the game

Flakker2 #3 Posted Mar 01 2021 - 22:32


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View Postredjkent, on Mar 01 2021 - 16:17, said:

i have been using mods for years that tell this why did it take wg so long to implement them into the game


It was so hard for me to play on the test server because the zoom was persistent and it is so annoying to play without a zoom reset.

GSOR3301_AVR_FS #4 Posted Mar 01 2021 - 22:36

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Surprised you read that on the EU Forums and not on the News post about it literally on the NA Site, or from the CT Itself. :P

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