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You Ask, We Reply: Upcoming Tanks

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Gaea #1 Posted Oct 12 2011 - 18:32

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Tankers! It's time for a round of focused questions for the Community Managers and Developers. This thread will remain open for questions until Friday, October 14, 2011. At that point in time, we will close the thread and compile the questions to present to the World of Tanks game designers.

Please keep questions in this thread to: Upcoming tanks (preference to French Tanks)

Lert #2 Posted Oct 12 2011 - 18:35


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Why was chosen to use the rear-mounted supertructure version of the still-to-be-added StuG E100 instead of the forwardmounted superstructure version? Besides the forwardmounted one looking so much better, it also better follows established design philosophy like the Jagdpanther, Pagdpanzer IV and Hetzer with their front-mounted guns. The Ferdinand / Elefant with it's rear-mounted superstructure was a cobbled-together stopgap design rather than a purpose-built design.

Tiger_23 #3 Posted Oct 12 2011 - 18:39


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1-We know that most French tanks never entered the war. how the French tanks may be better than the legendary Tiger,KingTiger,Panther and Maus?

2-It is true that the French SPGs will only to a maximum of 150mm gun?
Germans up to 210mm gun
Russians up to 180mm gun
Americans up to 240mm gun

3-as is the behavior of a light tank Tier VII? (AMX-13/90)

4-When will the new TD line of Germany? 7.0 or 7.1?

*5-It is true in the future will have a tree with tanks from Hungary, Romania, Poland, Finland, Italy called the tree of Europe?

sorry for the bad english..

KilgorSoS #4 Posted Oct 12 2011 - 18:50


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I have the Jagpanther and am close to unlocking Ferdinand, I want to wait for the Jag II  so my question is When is the tree change??? 7.0 or 7.1?? and when will we see the specs on the new German TD's???  the tech tree revision only shows the vehicles but not the specs, i.e. weapons, armor, etc. Anyone know if there is a link for these specs??? I am assuming that if I unlock the Ferdinand and the tree changes I will start all over with XP on the Jagpanther.

Energy #5 Posted Oct 12 2011 - 20:37


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The change designated in first quarter of 2012 for Russian tanks (Heavies) show there is a split between the tanks KV-1, and KV-2, my question is, after the separation of the two tanks, will the statistics that were present on [KV] tank, be allocated to the KV-1 or KV-2 tank in the statistics overview ? ;or does the statistics still stay on its original [KV] tank name.

The Sturmtiger is confirmed to be equipped with 360mm naval mortar, and historically, the type4 HaTo (possibly the tier 8 Japanese SPG)fired a 300mm rocket projectile, the question is, will rockets be implemented into World of Tanks in the near or distant future ? In addition, what other weapon types may we possibly be encountering in World of Tanks ? (i.e mines, machine guns, secondary turrets..etc)

The discussion of having 30 vs 30 battles have been long discussed, and the problem was server related restrictions, however putting aside player owned vehicles, will players be seeing NPCs, or AI-controlled tanks in the future ? Will there possibly be a gamemode in which players in one team, in one game, work together to defeat an AI-controlled team?

The "set as primary" button allows tanks to be reorganized, however it doesn't always work out perfectly, this is due to some tanks even in the "primary" bar being mixed, will there be an option in the future that allows tankers to just adjust tanks in an order they like by just clicking and dragging ?

The pass week i've now been in 2 games, in which the tank total (30 per game) was lower, i.e the game starts with only 12 tanks, 6 from each side. This is an example:Example picture.Of course running a large mmog isn't easy, and theres bound to be errors involved, my question is will there be a compensation given to tankers which compensate players who join games with >30 players ?

Once the T30 becomes a tank destroyer which it is expected in the first quarter of 2012, how will the characteristics change in relation to its drop in tier number. [10 -> 9] ?

Once the IS-4 becomes a tier 10 heavy what changes are to be made to the tank ? To be honest, the IS-4 is a superior tier 9 currently, however by shifting it into a tier 10 cost slot, I would think, although I don't own one myself, it will be underpowered. What changes characteristic-wise are to be made to the tank ?

Thank you,

mrlazorz #6 Posted Oct 12 2011 - 21:09

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How will we control tanks with two turrets? I've been wondering about that, will the cannons be assigned different buttons or will they both be fired with Mouse1?

And how will the M3 with turret work, since surely a 20mm fires faster than the 75mm... just wondering

Ares_GOW #7 Posted Oct 12 2011 - 22:03


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1. Can we get updated Tech Trees posted to the Website?
2. Can we get some teasers on the T110?
3. Will all the currently listed (in tech trees) "Retail" tanks be in the Collectors Edition?
4. How is the T28 Prototype different from the T28?

yams42000 #8 Posted Oct 12 2011 - 22:04


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Q1 : Can you tell what the exact status of French tank?Supertest testing or other?

Q2 : The Lorraine 40t have very low armor, how are you doing to balance it against the other Tiers 9?

Q3 : Do you plan to add some modification to the French tree like other tree?

Q4 : Maybe you can leak some specs for gift?

Q5 : We can have a video please? I really want to see the autoloader gun in action...


DJ18 #9 Posted Oct 12 2011 - 22:16


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Q1: When will the M18 Hellcat be released?

Q2: Do you have any screens on the M18 Hellcat yet?

XenomorphZZ #10 Posted Oct 12 2011 - 22:21


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Any new news on tier 10 Tank Destroyers and Medium tanks?

Will the US get a second Heavy line?

Will the US get a second medium line? (up to tier 9?)

Are there any plans to add more lines to the french tree other than the projected lines?

Mizar_Panzer #11 Posted Oct 12 2011 - 23:43


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1. The French High-tier "medium tanks" basically have no armor, so what kind of other characteristics can we expect from them?

2. Are there any plans to release tier 6 and tier 7 premium vehicles?

Mobius13 #12 Posted Oct 13 2011 - 00:31


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I'm curious - for multi-turreted/coaxial-gunned tanks, how will one operate the alternate guns?

RyanGetzIaf #13 Posted Oct 13 2011 - 00:43


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Q1: Why do you introduce the French tanks before the British, they never really see the combat and a big part of the tech tree are Cold War era tank?

Q2: Will you introduce post-WWII German tank like the Leopard 1, the development of this tank started before the Type-59?

Q3: Why there is tier 6 and tier 7 light tank in French tech tree? Are they going to be well armored, faster and had better weapon than VK2801/T-50-2/Chaffee?

Q4: Is the Leopard will be balanced with the T-50?

Q5: What is the next nation you will release, G.-B. or Japan?

Dominatus #14 Posted Oct 13 2011 - 01:30


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1. What other Chinese premium tanks are you planning on adding? I heard the Type 62. Anything else?

2. Are there any plans for further light tanks such as the M41 Walker Bulldog and the PT-76?

3. M50 Ontos, thoughts?

4. The Pre-Alpha British tree shows the Archer being included. If this tank makes it into final release, how will you design it gameplay wise, considering it's gun is facing backwards?

5. What does the current French Tech Tree look like exactly, considering how the one posted in the 'Art' section of the site is now outdated.

Wilson_Komachi #15 Posted Oct 13 2011 - 02:24


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M103 and T110 also upcoming tanks, right ? So I ask :rolleyes:

Q1. Would you mind to told use will we need to develop any guns or engine or anything on M103 if we fully developed T34 and transfer to M103 ??

Q2. About T110, ant picture? and I just know you guys want to put T110 with the new US TD line,so:

    a)Any date?(please don't say Q1 2012,but month)
    b)Any change form the tech tree you post ?

Q3. Is M103/T110 also keep the high piercing HE ? or new bullet type like you guys just say as 88mm Gun adding new bullet?


Exiled #16 Posted Oct 13 2011 - 03:02


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Q1. You have listed "captured" tanks as premiums in each nations tech tree, are these bought via gold or acquired via some other means?

Q2. Is there any difference between a captured tank and its normal version? For example the difference between the Pz.Kpfw.KV-1 756 ( r ) and the current KV-1?

Q3. Are there any plans to release the KV-220 as a premium tank for the EU and NA servers?

Many thanks in advance.

CatinHat #17 Posted Oct 13 2011 - 05:12


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With 7.x we are getting camo for our tanks that could be bought for sliver or gold.

I don't know if things have changed, but doesn't the panzer 4/5 share the panzer 4 turret and panther hull. How will the panzer 4/5 work out?

anglomanii #18 Posted Oct 13 2011 - 05:19


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Dear World of Tanks Dev team.

How do you decide on which tanks to include in WoT tech tree's? can you give us all a insight into the procedure that you use to determine what tank will make it into the tech tree and what tank will become a premium?.. and lastly what thought process did you use to come up with the French tech tree, as in what was the main idea behind the choices?.

many thanks.

apollokenney #19 Posted Oct 13 2011 - 05:28


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will the XP price for the VK2801 be lowered to around 35,000xp?

Krieg #20 Posted Oct 13 2011 - 06:39

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I See that the VK3601 will be switched from a medium to a heavy tank. Will anything on the tank be changed other than the designation? What will happen to the crew and any installed equipment?

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