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List of heavily armored tier 9 tanks to use in Frontlines 2021

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SpliterFoxHound #1 Posted Jul 15 2021 - 21:31


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For the first phase before any of the second objectives have been captured just run around in a Obj.252U/Defender or VK100.01P and make yourself as hard to kill as possible OR Queue up in an SPG and stay safe behind friendly lines and target the people in the cap circle.

After the second phase starts be sure to drown yourself or crash of off a cliff don't J out so that no one gets experience for your death, re spawn in one of these tier 9 tanks & begin costing people more credits.

  • AE Phase 1

  • T95

  • E75

  • VK 45.02(P) Ausf. B

  • Object 257

  • ST-I

  • IS-3-II

  • Tortise

  • AMX M4 mle. 51

  • 50TP

  • Emil II

  • Type 4 Heavy

  •  Concept 1B

These tanks will increase premium round usage from your opponents making their credit making potential go down while increasing your chances at making people upset & farming those who can't afford to pay for premium rounds.

Easy General Rank and win guaranteed while you have fun making others lose tens of thousands of credits.

Note: I will make a guide for the best tanks to rush the gun objectives & ending the game prematurely yes the EBR 90 is one of them stay tunned.

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Cowcat137 #2 Posted Jul 15 2021 - 21:43


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I'm looking forward to people in 8's rolling right in front of me so I can kill them and they can get their 9.  A bunch of YOLO's all at once when that critical cap falls won't distort the game at all.

cloudwalking #3 Posted Jul 15 2021 - 21:56


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it will be spammed with concepts and knpz 50t.  I fully expect the mode to be ruined.

PapioTitan #4 Posted Jul 15 2021 - 22:08


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I dread going up against a hulldown 95 in the last defense position but, as with all things WoT, there is a counter called speed and stealth. Respawn and tank variety could very well be a benfit to the tacticians out there. Give it a chance.

_Father_Christmas_ #5 Posted Jul 29 2021 - 04:36

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View Postcloudwalking, on Jul 15 2021 - 20:56, said:

it will be spammed with concepts and knpz 50t.  I fully expect the mode to be ruined.


Spot on mate. 

Draschel #6 Posted Jul 30 2021 - 09:04


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Forgot mauschen, conqueror, T54, kamp panzer, K91PT. 


Strategy won't work though. People are going to call down so many strikes on people playing thinking they are invincible 

Tier 8 premium tanks like S1, WZ120G, SU130PM, Skorpion G, Lorraine, progetto, STA2, Lowe, E75TS, Chrysler will spam premium rounds like crazy anyway

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