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Update 1.14: Common Test 1 Incoming!


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1ST_AD_Abrams #21 Posted Jul 19 2021 - 07:26


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(as always caps are not screaming they are to empathize or bring you to see certain things that need to stand out!)


WG are you going to keep going with the way you do things in that you ignore the main group of players who don't want these changes?  For many of us we have seen you DON'T CARE TO CHANGE things that players of the ordinary free or minimum wallet warriors are begging you not to change.  If you pull the chat logs as you do from matches, read them and you will find there is as much chatter about front lines when somebody talks about it.  The player base sadly is silent on the forums because they know YOU CHANGE WHAT YOU WANT  Players opinion matters little.  Feedback you get, are you viewing the relevancy of those feedback reports from those who play some of your changes, meaning how many or % of total players.  I am very sure you didn't get 50% or more of the player base responding and sadly due to privacy concerns you won't release any true details of the feedback results in terms of number of players or what item(s) got in terms of votes and was X% of the player base as well as those against since revealing anyones vote you feel is not right (I hope you don't post names, I don't want to see names either, and you are pretty adamant about never talking about any player in what you tell us, so that concern is a mute point and in terms of  voting or feedback no player should be listed.  How about in addition to player base, break it down by # of tanks owned, how many have more than 1 tier 9, those in the 100-300K battles, 80-100K battles and so on, show by a range for personal rating, wins/loss and have mastery of 75% of their tanks, 50%, 25%, less than 5 or something along those lines.  THAT IS SO IMPORTANT TO SEE THE ACTUAL BREAKDOWN.


For the average player like myself and many commented here, or different methods like any way to chat in the garage or in game.  PLAYERS SEE YOU AS CHANGING WHAT YOU AND THE HANDFUL OF PLAYERS WHO HAVE YOUR EAR, )  will not change things.  This is their (meaning WG) game and they are set in their ways that what they think would be great for us is a done deal, no discussion.  They (WG) have till August when the damage will be too late to fix in time for Front Line.


Just who are you catering this game for?  Yourself?  Certain players with Prem Tier 9's and tons of other tanks via real money?  People who have your ear?  Players who want to be able to in an instant start to change the status quo and maybe even change the final results?  Worst case, to provide a little stat padding as tier 9 have complained about having to play many matches against tier 10 and they prefer more tier 9 vs tier 8.


WG you say these forums are for feedback, general talk, ideas, etc, yet YOU APPEAR TO NOT CARE OR TO LISTEN (harsh to say that but it is what many who might want to say this but won't or don't care to come to the forums to say that).   You have a community of players who love the game premise of being able to drive tanks around and blow up other tanks, yet you sort of decide by yourself what you think needs to be addressed and changed.  Why don't you ask the community, not those on the forums, not those who already have your ear, but do a mass mailing to all those in the game and ask do you want this change of adding tier 9 AND MINES AND LEVELS FOR COMBAT RESERVES, you would need to break this down of course to each one individually Tier 9? Mines? Leveled Combat Reserves?  I won't deny that I worry that no matter what ends up being sent back it will automatically show yes for all three.  I hate to sound like I am accusing you of not truly showing the results but you want these changes and so do a few in the community you cater or confer with in what they think we need.


WG PLEASE LISTEN!.  MODS/ADMIN Please listen and pass on to WG no matter what the standard procedure is?  Should players just simply not show for your front line event and make it disappointing for those who cross the picket line as they don't care to vote or respond simply because you will not and have not shown you are listening to the community (and I am not just talking about the forum community).  Yes that is going to sting but you have to understand, yes this is your baby your project.  You assume people will love the creation as it is.  However what the devs/publishers thought was a great idea might not be what players want to think is needed in the game.


FRONT LINE IS A BIG DRAW.  I know people all they were talking about when this season of battle pass started in late june was Front Line.  The love of that mode greatly outstripped Steel Hunters, greatly!!!!  You have players who are so excited when there is announcement of front lines that even in last season of battle pass, people just could not stop talking or dreaming about Front Lines Instead many of those excited are crying foul and why are you deciding that all players want this and it won't really change the game when players are saying the opposite.  While the forums would seem to indicate players want this change, actually look at who is very active on your forums.  You will see it isn't the same as the community base.


Don't ruin things in World of Tanks.  If those on other servers in Europe or Russia, China or wherever else change the game for everybody else then you are beholden to them and not to your NA/SA and other servers.  PLEASE listen and remove the changes you have that people have said they don't want, mines, spawn in tier 9 random location, increase level of combat reserves, JUST RETURN THE FRONT LINE AS IT WAS BEFORE YOUR CHANGES, of course bug fixes and other minor changes that won't impact or change the fun that people have with this mode..


I know you think you are doing what players want but eventually your eyelids will start to blink as a wind blows by them, that wind, players dropping out for good.  Don't do what someone else recently did with their game, I will just say a Dungeon MMO, that has the entire base up in arms since it was changed so players don't have to grind to the end game and instead get there within a few hours or days or be able to go through the various campaigns, and yet another wind of players leaving their base is going to happen or has and they will not have enough players to make a profit.

FoxNextDoor #22 Posted Jul 20 2021 - 03:17


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the test server store doesnt work


Rumbaugh #23 Posted Jul 22 2021 - 00:35

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Now that stage I of Frontline is over, here are some things i saw. Sorry for any receptiveness. 


  1.  I had some ghost tanks in several games. The shadow was there but no tank. This was just for me as the enemy saw a normal graphic. I found a temp. fix by going to sniper mode and back out. My tank then reappeared.
  2.  Many dead or afk tanks visible. First time put several shells into a tank with no dmg to finally realize it was not a 'live' tank.
  3.  As with the Random mode, artillery is pretty much useless in Frontline. I probably dropped two ranks when playing artillery compared to 2020. 
  4.  Tier 9 tanks are not good for this mode unless there is just tier 9 from the beginning. The time between players switching out can really hamper the opponent. Plus when, for example B and E are captured, the attackers can jump to tier 9's and run through the guns while A and C are still in battle. The Defenders are hampered when attackers change to tier 9's and defense can't without restarting in the back again. I suggest NOT doing tier 9's at all. If you continue to I would suggest keeping the final section closed until A-F are captured. At a minimum, 4 sectors. There are just some tier 9 tanks that are too OP for Frontline [cough EBR 90]. 
  5. I would move the CT somewhere else. Maybe have CTs on all servers where you can get more diverse testing and there would not be the sometimes huge lag (sometimes 400ms) for NA and some EU participants in the tests.
  6.  Having the concrete walls closed in B sector on Kraftwerk gives attackers too much of an advantage. Either make it with several rocks like Nomandie 'A' or a half wall like Normandie 'D'.

What are the dates for the frontlines on the CT? I know it shows 3 more.



To be continued after Frontline Stage II.

Deftster #24 Posted Jul 22 2021 - 04:15


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The T95E2 buff is pathetic. That tank needs a lot more of a rework than 190 pen and 2 sec aim time.

Rumeyer #25 Posted Jul 23 2021 - 05:59


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I don't think WG really cares about having players do the Common Test. I can't even get a match in Frontline. Just keeps counting time and nothing is happening. The CT needs to be on the NA and/or EU server.

Also, if they were really serious, they would have a dedicated place for players to communicate their findings. 


With the small chance anyone from WG reads this, I'll put in some info on Field Modification.

  1. After using XP to get thru 5 levels, I purposely stopped there and did not get level VI so that there would be no choices before a match. I was doing one setup so didn't need it. Trouble is the game gave it to me anyway. (may not be a bad thing) I didn't enter anything in the 2nd choice and got a message that I needed to load ammo. I guess you MUST put in ammo in the second choice even though the player isn't using the second choice option. 
  2.  I found in most cases I didn't want to gain something at the cost of losing something else. It just seems like a 'wash'.
  3.  Seems like this takes an ungodly amount of XP and credits for some small tweaks. I wasn't seeing much out of it even when I did do a full setup. Good thing I was on the CT cause a tier 9 cost me 140,000 XP and 300,000 credits.

playerx_1 #26 Posted Jul 25 2021 - 00:18


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Can't get in to topography...it seems it's very popular


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