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Gonna be a no from me Cheif

Crew 2.0 No Bad Dislike Balance

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Bath_Hawk #1 Posted Jul 24 2021 - 22:50

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I'm going to put this pretty bluntly. I've tried it out now on a couple of my favorite tier 10's (because I cant ever find a Tier 9 game)

For clarity: I will refer to this iteration as "Crew 2.1" since its the second iteration of Crew 2.0

My thoughts on this are as follows:

1) Its a large improvement over Crew 2.0 Iteration 1 (Though to be fair this was a very low bar to clear)
2) A couple of these abilities (such as torque) are pretty neat, and are something I'd like to see be brought into the current crew system.
3) Innate Intuition, Sixth Sense, and the ability to apply a crew to 3 different tanks

1) As cool as this concept is, I dont want it. Its a headache to set up a crew, it feels like I take a full loss on my overall vehicles effectiveness without an level 80 crew

2) Instructor system is still awful, nonsensical, and is just a shoehorned way for Wargaming to justify all those special commanders we spent past events or twitch prime getting

3) Min maxing will DESTROY the ability to balance this game. The more complex your mechanics, the more difficult such things are to do. This is why WarThunder's balance is so garbage, because the more complicated you make things the more ways small unbalances can compound to create larger and larger imbalances that are harder to solve
4) As mentioned in 3, this creates a cavalcade of problems just to solve one. 


Crew 2.0 and Crew 2.1 have both been things I havent been sold on. I dont look at these and go "This is an improvement to the game"

I have tried to bring 3 people into this game, and the mechanics as they are: are poorly explained. This system makes it even WORSE for new players if we have Veterans that are struggling to deal with it. I'm not saying everything about this system is bad. However, its not what this game needs, in fact it will gravely hurt it. Many people I've seen have had middling/negative reactions overall. Some elements of this system should be brought over to the main game though. The concepts I'd like to see are:

1) Innate Sixth Sense and Intuition
2) The ability to have 1 crew for multiple tanks
3) For skills like Torque, Return Fire, Close Combat, and Position Preperation to make it over to the main skill system 
4) For the skill "Concentration" just to be implemented straight into the game. Just reduce RNG as a whole by 5 or 10% to make things feel WAY more consistent 


Will any of that happen? No. It would make too much sense.

However, I could deal with the HE changes, as weird as it was. That said, I wont enjoy Crew 2.1 in the main game. It will make the problems we already have even worse for minimalistic gains and I'll be more than glad to stop putting money into this game, I just picked up Arknights, and the less I spend on WoT the more I can spend on my Gatcha Addiction. Hell maybe I'll pick up a new gun or something:P

Cowcat137 #2 Posted Jul 24 2021 - 23:04


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All the stackable baloney bugs me; get X bonus to Xskill if an enemy is within x meters and you've lost X health.  Going to make things chaotic but not in a fun way.  More like you beat a guy down in a duel and at the last moment he Deus Ex Machinas your butt and wins.

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