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Draschel #1 Posted Jul 25 2021 - 21:28


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Hey all, happy sunday.


Just looking for some opinions about Cliff, at a competitive level Tier 8 and 10 of course. This led to some inter-clan dispute the other day, about what exactly is to be done on Cliff. I was under the impression, that a light tank tries its best to secure hill itself, or doing its best to deny it from the enemies light tank. Whether EBR105 or T100LT, EBR75 or LT432. Then gun depression mediums, fast heavies do their best to get to base of lighthouse ridgeline, STB1 / Chieftain / Kran Etc  or Caernarvon/Renegade/progetto/LIS. E5-E6, F5-F6 respectively. With the initial fight for map control and view range, high ground, the goal would be to trap enemy tanks C5-D5 and G5-H5 in their climb to the middle, making them stop and incredibly vulnerable and bunched up.  THEN, and WHEN this is achieved, flanks, wingmen, fliers can be used for crossfire donut, F3/D3 or to spot arty, Etc. Like a progetto or bourrat, 907s/140s. Non gun depression core wolf-pack heavy tanks, like 277 and 260,  53TP bunch up at the base of ridge either end, to cause a dead zone crossing D4 and F4, preventing enemy reinforcing donut. Maybe, and a slim maybe, a Strv at perches, or uniquely J3 because north span doesn't have an elevated spot like that. Generally, narrow 2 line and 9 line, are of very limited focus and provide very little map control, vision.... leading to your team wasting its resources, time, spreading thin, or worse boxing itself up. 


So the clan gets caught up in dispute, over the dumb 2 line. In my experience in advances, listening to people like ophacker, supernova, zero I have very few times, seen a dedicated effort to take donut by brute force, 1-2. Maybe in 8s, where a fast-boi is anticipated. Who does something like this, yet it "seemed" like the entire clan holds that as the big play. Wth?  I am pretty new here, 4months and wasn't around for the last campaign, but Jeez. I also took a look at FAME CLIFF strats, and other than exotic 1-2 pushes using 268 V 4, which I am sure they used because of some sort of prior intel gathering or wanting to try some s--- push, majority of the strat still seems focus on E5-E6 / F5-F6 play with gun dep tanks such as chieftain/STB1/Kran, holding up the enemy and trapping them in a s------- C5/G5, pincer heavy tanks like 260/277  E4 and THEN using donut for crossfire or spotting SPG. Light to secure or deny hill.  Wth 2 Line? Most I saw were 140s/907s using it as flex, after map control mid is established.  I took a quick look at WoT GURU too, and the "light" strat for most to see and follow, seem to densely focus on lighthouse too, rather than 1-2 + donut


Educated, experienced thoughts? I mean its a top 40 clan. This is nonsense.



PapioTitan #2 Posted Jul 25 2021 - 22:00


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Have watched many a clan war/advances. It seems early spots on the cross, hill control, and then contolling and/or spotting the donut seem to be their focus. Something seems to trigger OP dumping the middle but I haven't quite figured out what yet. It has failed more often than not; at least against equally skilled teams.

0Aim #3 Posted Jul 25 2021 - 22:36

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Yeah, most Clans only know to go 2 line, or play Mid. I'm no caller, and I'm bad, so, there's that. Cliffs purpose seems to be a "who can react to the other teams play best" kind of map. Most will either full send 2 line with 10 mediums, and then stick something hill, rest are mid. Or, you'll go all 15 up top, send 1-2 meds across to bowl, 1 behind the rock, and 1 hugging the middle donut area to shoot up hill ramp, while rest fight in the middle rock formation. It comes down to who pressures the middle rock area more to push the other team back, which becomes game over. So, I guess Cliff is just who can focus fire best, take the positions, which is Hill, Ramp, Rock Formation, and Bowl to shoot into Mid. It comes down to what your light tank sees. If we are going 15 tanks up top, and our light goes ramp, spots 1-2 tanks, or their whole team perhaps crossing over to donut, then we will probably send our whole team besides 1-2 that go ramp over to the donut. Or, we may send 11 tanks high, and have 4 tanks hide on low side, with 1 spotting to see if they go bowl from low side, and react to what they do. If they went 15 tanks high, wed send those 4 up to the donut for side shots perhaps. Like I said, I have never called, and I am a mediocre player, but this is just kind of what I see when Cliff is played. Its setting up, and reacting to what the other team does. If both teams shove donut from low side with all tanks, it comes down to who secures the top side at the ramps, and who plays better together. So, guess this was just me randomly typing, hope I answered something?

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