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The Chieftain's Random Musings Thread

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1Scots #8001 Posted Jan 15 2022 - 10:21

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Let's not count El Alemein where he handed Germany their first defeat.


Let's all thank the US and A for single-handedly winning not one but 2 World Wars all by themselves.


And lost everything they have started since then.


My apologies, I had forgotten the hugely successful invasion of Grenada. A small island nation with no standing army and defended by 3 old-age pensioners and a toothless daschund.


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HeisenbergWOTS #8002 Posted Jan 15 2022 - 14:45

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View Post1Scots, on Jan 15 2022 - 05:21, said:

Let's not count El Alemein where he handed Germany their first defeat.


With a 2 to 1 superiority in men, tanks, guns and a roughly 5 to 1 superiority in aircraft, that was a foregone conclusion.


Even with the ridiculous amount of superiority, it still took him nearly three weeks.

kihew #8003 Posted Jan 16 2022 - 05:49


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Dear Chieftain, while this may be akin to writing a letter to Santa, (unlikely to be read by the recipient or result in any positive response) how about doing a series on armored tactics.  What I see in WOT random battles (the only kind I fight), is a lot of players failing to understand the basic rules of war (whether fighting with tanks in cyber space or on a real world battlefield the basics are the same).  Most important rule of war is gathering and using information.  WOT has the mini-map which is an invaluable source of information regarding enemy positions and movements.  Watching the mini map is as if not more important to watching the main battle screen.  Second is knowing the capabilities of each vehicle on the field (yours and the enemy's).  Third is knowing the terrain.    Most random battles are predictable bar type affairs with everyone taking the same old positions and trying to out shoot the other guy.  Try to be creative, probe for weaknesses and don't be predictable, try for surprise.  Maneuver don't camp.  Try to flank the enemy rather than going head to head.  Remember that tanks are offensive weapons.  Move together as an armored fist.  Be prepared to take damage and loses to win.  Watch the flanks (use the mini map!)! 


I'm an average player but I've spent decades studying military history as a hobby (which is why I started playing).  So Chieftain as you are hands down the expert in residence, how about teaching the rest of us on how to conduct armored warfare.  

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