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Crew 2.0 and the future.

crew 2.0 road map future balance fix premium rework SPG HE 2.0 Balance Pass

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Lynnette_JJW #1 Posted Aug 07 2021 - 13:44

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Hello all~! 

Im here to simply jot down some things on my mind, i hope WG atleast takes this information into consideration; last time they wouldn't listen so I had to get in touch with Storm personally... If he's still around WG that is. 
And going to the RU server was scary!

Alright. So, Let us keep civil and give constructive criticism. This post is under an official feedback thread, right?

Wall warning BTW :D

From my time playing beta all the way till now, ill have to give some goods, then bads, then a solution. 

Ill start with the main topic and go from there. 

1. Crews 2.0 I understand in a sense of why this is being made. But on the other hand, i don't. The game as it stands now is not needing another 2.0, and usually, when a 2.0 is implemented it seems that the players don't like it too much, they aren't listened to. the 10k players on the NA server are most likely the minority of WoT players. EU and RU most likely have WAY more players.

But i guess, my solution to Crews 2.0 is not to dish out everything onto our plate all at once. Segment it over a course of 1 or 2 months on the live server. And each segment could have a survey, maybe a 1-5 stars on how they liked it or whatnot with a 'feedback' box right under it. That would have been nice with HE, to feel how they pen and damaged before and after each segment change. Breaking these 2.0 reworks into sections is how things should be going forward.

2. Wheeled vehicles were an alright take on the light tanks, splitting the passive from the active scout players. Sure the controls are a bit wonky. But they are welcome. 

Though, some of these ultra-light wheeled combat vehicles can take down a Maus. Such things shouldn't be possible. Sure a Maus shouldn't be alone in the first place, but it also shouldn't be able to do SUCH DPM to one. Watching a platoon of EBR 105s circle jerk a Maus makes me laugh to watch sure, but it's also frustrating to witness that the game is like this. This ultimately reflects a major issue that War Thunder has 'no armor is best armor' as they say in WT. People HATED the Bat-Chat 25t, and then you make an entire line that's like it? Uhhh. kind of back peddling. 


A solution to this is to make the base damage of all these active runners lower, give them a counterbalance such as give them no camo reduction while shooting and stationary, something TDs use to have back in the day. They won't be useful doing this as their max view range should also never be maxed from this point forward. This way, drivebys, and rear eating from charging aren't incentivized. It's still possible and even useful if a wheeled vehicle is able to flank around into a bush behind the enemy with its speed and camo. 


3. High Explosive rounds. HE was always my go-to if i went up against a cheeking heavy tank with more armor than my tier 8 gun designed for a tier 7 tank (the T5E1 on my M6A2E1) couldn't pen. Slapping the enemy with HE was a great way to make them back off or instantly track them. 


As it stands now, HE is only used for damaging modules better? Is what i got from the HE 2.0? It's able to be more effective against spaced and spall armor. But, then the HE effectiveness in damage was reduced. Kind of defeating the purpose of making it focus on modules. Now it's only truly effective on penetration. Iv sat in one spot within maybe 200m and ate an M4A3E2 today running the 105mm while I was in my T6 with the 75mm M3. He knocked my gun, he hit my ammo, he killed my radio somehow; but I somehow won. As HE stands now, it's just a former of itself. The improvements to penetration and how it acts is cool, but not the way it does damage. The major issues that were given were how the DURP tanks like the KV-2, M4 line, Pz4, Hetzer, and the FV4005 are now just shadows. They're not as effective and less desirable. The upgraded mechanics of HE 2.0 are just fine, but instead of buffing the modules of the vehicles, you guys made an entire munition pointless to an obtuse degree. 

A solution to this would be to raise the damage of HE back up, keep penetration low, allow splashing targets easier, and always do damage. Like old school. This way, SPG HE can be nerfed slightly so it's still doing the same all the time damage; It wont have changed much. 


4. Auto-loaders. So, i see more complaints about auto-loaders every day in WoT than I did when old-school SPGs were still alive. Now, i like Auto-Loaders in a way that they shake up the gameplay and if a team isn't supporting something then it's a sure fail on the flank. I own a few autoloaders, and liked the first French lights, the AMX 13s. They balanced well. 

But now it's a bit ridiculous. One Auto-loader could equal 2 or 3 single-shot tanks of a tier. The 100mm on the AMX-50-100 holds how many rounds? with vents, directive, and Tea. that can get down to 2.33s per shot. It does 300 damage on average and 232 penetration. Sure, it's 'only' got 1400hp and paper armor. But, it's used right a lot. It has a penetration to make paper out of anything equal to tier and some heavies a tier above it, even the lighter armored heavies in tier 10. It's not a good sign when a single tank is able to dump 6 rounds, destroying 2 medium tier-8 tanks in 14 seconds. 

A solution to this would easily be to just reduce damage per shot. make the autoloaders feel more like the other side of HE. make them do less damage and pen well, but enough damage to tell the enemy to back off or keep being punished. Simple as that. They can even have mobility or camo increased to a degree if implemented, make them more light tank leaning. 
For Auto-Reloaders, they're just too rare and have their trade-offs as is. The IS-3A for example people say is OP... but it has some thin all-around armor, its hull more so than its turret. but it's not a very agile nether. 

5. So here I'm going to merge 2 points together. Premium and Balance. NOW, it's not going to be ALL about Premium and balancing them, but it's also kind of touched on. 
So, the time iv played the game, iv played the M6A2E1 the most, my beloved first purchased vehicle to help out WG as someone buying into them for their success... for them to turn around, and just resell the tank anyway, and all we supporters get is some. uh. 2D camos and a few goofy decals. The same thing happened with the Pz5/4 but we didn't get anything from it...
While playing my M6A2, iv noticed that over the years that the tank just keeps getting messed up more and more by the enemy. It was annoying. I realized and looked around, that i was getting hit by tanks that were popular for their Pen or large guns. Or things i couldn't penetrate with my 105mm for them to just shoot my cheeks or hatch. Giving my tank no way to properly face hug, or even snipe as my accuracy is horrible at 0.38m. But the enemy seems to just keep on eating away at me. 

So, as you saw, there was nothing really good to say about this segment. This was because there really isn't much good. WoT 2.0 was just, what? a graphics overhaul? and some economy changes right? But, what it should have done is run a FULL tank balance pass. WoT is currently in a rut with people flocking to things that do all the pen or have all the armor, and anywhere in between for their missions and the grinds. The example of the AMX heavies is a good example. Why do people prefer playing the Russian Tier 10s rather than the British tier 10s or the German tier 10s anymore? Sure they are still seen here or there. But not as much as we use to see them. It's because the game doesn't balance these things out correctly, and premiums aren't helping at all nether. 

A solution to this would be to balance the entire game from its current standing point. Not tanks of one nation against the other or from the ammo they use. 
Step One: Start with the Premiums. Buff the premiums as much as needed.
Step Two: balance each of the same premium category types in the same tier off of each other. Start at tier 8 for example
Step Three: Balance the premiums by each nation.
Step Four: Balance the non-premium counterpart or tier range and vehicle type to the premium vehicle. 
Step Five: Trickledown and up from there by tier. 
Step Six: Premium vehicles higher or lower (tier 8 example) would need to be processed as well to balance into the non-premium vehicles. 
Step Seven: Reduce matches from 15v15 to 10v10.
From this, we will not only have a fixed balance of vehicles from alpha stats, but we will not worry about vehicles in MM being TOO OP over their match-up. Sure, this balance pass can nerf some things, it can buff some things, it could even change the way some vehicles play altogether. But It is something that the game really. REALLY. Needs. This is the one and only demand I have seen requested for WG to do in the NA server for the past 5 years, maybe more. Most maps as well, are not suited for the full 15 players on one side of the map, where 6 heavies crowed an ally way or a strong point. More breathing room and more ability to make a play, rather than holding a corner and playing peek-a-boo, which 95% of games come down to, will be reduced to 65%. And tier 10s won't be these monstrously hulking OP vehicles all the time.


6. WoT needs some more, depth and playability to it. I like WoT as it's a fun game as it stands, with a game here or there. But that just kind of is getting old as its the same pub matches, same maps, same idiocy in the team, and the same grind. So forth.

What id like to suggest here, is to make a more PvE system in the game. There is another Tank game out there called Armored Warfare (AW) where the game is PvE focused and PvP is in the backseat. While War Thunder is PvP focused and PvE is in the backseat... but, there is no real PvE in WoT other than low-tier matches that need filling. The reason alot of modes do not work is that WG is suggesting that players will fill them. Introducing a more AI PvE-driven experience like 'base assault' or 'last stand' or even allow the players to submit missions to WG. Would bring back alot of players for the fun.
Sure, the payout won't be as large as if playing PvP, but it will still bring something more to do than just hit 'BATTLE!' again on random battles. Mix this with things like new match-per-match game modes like 'steel the flag' or 'demolition derby'. Game modes you used before in April Fools would be a fresh welcome to the game! Use rewards to buy new equipment or vehicles, help accelerate crew and so forth. 


7. The introduction of SPG nerfs where never the suggestion to the majority of players. I personally never had an issue with SPGs as I always knew to take cover, hug a wall, or just move. Sure i have died here and there but id say it's probably 300 out of the 13k battles iv fought. For things like the Maus, and I don't know such pain? Well, i ran the M6A2E1 for most of my time in WoT. it used to be taller than a Maus. Though, SPGs are designed to make you move, not camp, to spread out a ridgeline and so forth, it does this well.

SPGs were never designed to be a vehicle for doing free damage. Just don't give them that damage. After arty nerf, i saw the LARGEST backlash i have ever seen in WoT, even now with 2.0 crew on the way. BUT with arty 2.0 as we see it now, i think it combines the new and the old. So, it's ultimately turned into a pure feature... buuut. 

(See #3 for solution)


8. Finally, WG itself. I like WG. its given us some good times, some great experiences and so forth. 

Though, WG is very silent all the time other than updates or special events. 

The solution to this would to just be more hands-on, Communicate more, make more surveys on the live server, id really love to see a roadmap. Polls are even disabled on this thread section. WHY?
WG, you need to be transparent. And work with us, so you can win. Lesser players mean fewer people buying gold, but if the game was funner or fixed some of these issues then itd have more people playing it. 

cavalry11 #2 Posted Aug 07 2021 - 15:06


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Very good and well thought out post, thank you.

goldfinger_555 #3 Posted Aug 07 2021 - 15:50


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I'm sure its a good post but its way too long. Stopped reading 1/3 in. Covers too many topics at once.

Waarheid #4 Posted Aug 07 2021 - 16:11


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View Postgoldfinger_555, on Aug 07 2021 - 09:50, said:

I'm sure its a good post but its way too long. Stopped reading 1/3 in. Covers too many topics at once.

That's all on you. Train your brain to focus for longer periods of time. Given the subject matter, the OP was quite short. 

Lynnette_JJW #5 Posted Aug 08 2021 - 22:57

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View Postgoldfinger_555, on Aug 07 2021 - 14:50, said:

I'm sure its a good post but its way too long. Stopped reading 1/3 in. Covers too many topics at once.

Making multiple posts wont get much anymore.


if you really got issues with reading, id suggest heading back to twitter. Your post seems troll-like.

CZARBUCKZ #6 Posted Aug 09 2021 - 00:28


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I can't believe they killed the splash damage for HE shells, that is the singular reason what they did was so broken. The DERP has poor accuracy and the splash kinda made up for it, and for a lot of tanks like my KV-2 I could use the splash to hit tanks behind cover before they came around to kill me, I used to be able to throw an arty shell in the middle of four heavys and do a little damage all around - just like a real arty shell. Now that is all gone, and like the EBR killed all the tracked lights, (why even play them anymore?) the HE changes have killed the arty class. Very sad.


I've never been in so many matches that have no Arty OR Light tanks as I have in the last couple of months.


Nice post BTW 

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