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Safe Haven


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Steeldeathdriver #21 Posted Aug 13 2021 - 18:33

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I have been on it now about half a dozen times or more.

So far it is enjoyable but I have yet to really get into the choke points.

I have only had it with mediums so I have not gone into the buildings.

I stay up on the hill and snipe the lights that break out onto the top of the tunnels.

those are easy pickings.

It is an interesting map but it will take a couple weeks to shake it out and find out the sweet spots.

Right now, in a medium, going up into the hills has been so much fun because so many people are running out onto the roof of the tunnels 

and they are just big juicy xp piñatas.

I have no doubt that will change as more people learn the map and stay off of the top of the tunnels.

take care,

be safe.


Mortis13 #22 Posted Aug 13 2021 - 18:39


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I’m no uni, but had the map yesterday.  You are missing out, it is fun.  A couple of us went hills and worked together flanking the reds.  

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