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That STB-1 ROCKS! One of the ways to play at Safe Haven

medium tank gameplay safe haven

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BianHong #1 Posted Aug 18 2021 - 20:33

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I sucked on this match on my 59 Patton. But that STB-1 just showed how great Safe Haven is for medium tanks having a big space to maneuver around. Match ended up being heavy tanks vs medium tanks. STB-1 carried the game with 9 kills. That STB-1 brought victory!


Never knew STB-1 is such a cool tank. Underrated I think.



Belicia #2 Posted Aug 21 2021 - 07:35


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That gun depression plus ridge-lines that the player-base is unfamiliar with.


Yeah, the STB-1 is the master of its hit-and-run ridge-line niche. It;s kinda like the Super Conqueror and the T29, but with SPEED.

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