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great clans with great officers

clan recruitment clan frontline clanwars

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Casual_Boops #21 Posted Sep 02 2021 - 03:43


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View PostPanzer__Monkey, on Sep 01 2021 - 13:38, said:

some platoon , some dont……. I feel like if you don’t want to play as a group then why did you join a clan?


if you only want to play alone, then don’t join a clan sicne there is no point


just my opinion, but to me being in a clan has always been about the comradeship first and so playing in platoons, skirms, or advances when able





ProfessionalFinn #22 Posted Sep 02 2021 - 13:09


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View PostDonnyWasASurfer, on Sep 01 2021 - 15:14, said:

Did somebody say spider.....booster clan?  88MPH Join us.  We want your resources from you playing random battles and getting a sweet 300 damage before dying in first 2min,  you get our credit boosters just for being special.  That's it, that's the spiel.   88MPH, ignoring every single thing about this game except what makes us happy.  Credits make us happy so we can spam gold and drink coke.  Play time is 6-10pm PST.....often they are running outside of these hours.  If the times work for you and you like playing tanks join, we will take you under our gold spamming absolutely filthy wings. By take you under our wings I mean you will enjoy credit boosters and silence.  83 members, 200 plus boosters.  

Things go better with Coke.

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