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wow! got a Campaign Mission done!

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omi5cron #1 Posted Sep 15 2021 - 11:41


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with honors!


its been at LEAST a full year since i have completed ANY Campaign Mission. this one was Coalition 6 :Peak of Olympus.(Excalibur) and frankly i havent finished a second Campaign Mission in 2 years. i dont strive for those any more. im not going to play arty, because many Second Camp Missions require some sort of arty or Orders and i dont have enough orders to fill out sections.so its NICE when a Mission happens.i do like any extras in creds that i can get.


im so bad at these, im still waiting on T28Concept (all close except the arty crap) and about half of the Excalibur ones are done. since i DONT actively try anymore,getting one DONE is like getting an MoE..pleasant, but it also gets CREDITS!

Johna11 #2 Posted Sep 15 2021 - 11:57


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Congrats! I’ve just turned these on, but not really trying for them. I don’t have tanks from every country so can’t do some of the campaign missions. Also hate arty.

WaywardChild #3 Posted Sep 15 2021 - 14:23


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I feel you. 

Belicia #4 Posted Sep 15 2021 - 14:31


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Ironically, for regular arty players, the SPG campaign missions are the easiest. By far. In my current campaign, I was up to SPG-14 within 48 hours, with minimal effort, and had all 15 with honors within a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, the other classes are MUCH more of a slow grind (largely because I rarely focus on completing the campaign missions for other classes).


Other players may disagree, but, I think some of the classes have more difficult campaign missions. An MT mission to get 4 kills in a battle is substantially more difficult to complete than an SPG missions to get 90 seconds of stun in a battle.


Completion of most SPG missions just sort-of happens while playing arty normally. But, the missions for other classes (LT, MT, etc.) often require the player to adjust their play-style in certain situations.


On the plus side, some of these campaign missions require players to LEARN how to play various classes of tank properly. I found the LT missions extremely difficult when I was doing the first campaign mission. But, I've put a ton of time and effort and grinding, into playing light tanks properly, and now the LT missions are significantly easier to complete. I believe this is the best outcome of the campaign missions - awareness of class roles.

AirCrewChief #5 Posted Sep 15 2021 - 15:43


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GeorgePreddy_lIl #6 Posted Sep 15 2021 - 16:15

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Yeah... I'm with you, omi.  I don't play any arty EVER, so I just set & forget the campaigns, and celebrate the "accidental" completions I get.  Win-win. No frustration.








Angry_Johnny_Killbillys #7 Posted Sep 15 2021 - 20:41

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Congratz man this is almost a forgotten segment of the game. I wonder how many people have ever finished those or actually attempting to finish them. I completely forget about them until by chance a message pops up saying so which is almost never. Those tanks, at the least the top ones, after years of being made are still OPd lol.

RenamedUser_1044981919 #8 Posted Sep 15 2021 - 20:57


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I just started to play these.. I turned them all on and just go with it... most of the time I don't even look to see what the requirements are but if I complete at least the primary, then I'll go on to the next one... I played an arty maybe 2 times (Tier 2) and failed miserably so I really don't want to piss off people by playing a higher tier arty where these tanks make a difference in winning/losing a battle. 


But like others have said, the extra credits really help.



porkchop39 #9 Posted Sep 16 2021 - 12:46


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I have 4 missions left for 279, between those and playing ranked, I'm going to have an aneurysm.

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