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Can you tranfer gold to XP so you can start in a higher level tank ie PZVI tiger

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PzGenneral #1 Posted Oct 14 2011 - 13:39


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Can you tranfer gold to XP so you can start in a higher level tank ie PZVI tiger

because i dont really want a Lowe thingy i never even herd of one in german army till this game
and i dont want a type 59(dont like the silly op pieces of garbage)

i like the traditional WWII tanks more....

ALSO a guy posted a topic about krew leveling and how to swap krews to diff tanks with kool info pics and every thing=
Best and most helpfull post ive seen for new players so far in forum it was
ANny one know a link to that post here for me plz
i cant rember the name of it so i cant search for it(i found it by accident the 1st time i(test) played on my sonz acc)

ttme #2 Posted Oct 14 2011 - 13:54

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yes, but to do that u have to play a tank, get to elite status, and use gold to convert what u earn from that tank....

so u might as well lvl ur way to tiger, which basically achieve the same thing but without the gold :P

btw... once u got a tiger u would wished u bought a lowe instead...

ONE_HELLCAT #3 Posted Oct 14 2011 - 13:59


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You can only use gold to buy credits freely. In order to gain free XP (the kind that can be used on any tank), you need an elite tank (tank with all modules unlocked) with enough XP for the tank you want, plus all the tanks you have to skip. Then you can use gold to transfer that that tank's xp to free xp. That's a lot of real money.

If you're not interested in prototype tanks, or in grinding up the tech tree the normal way (or playing only the low tiers), you'll have to get a premium to make the credits and XP. Only 5% of a battle's xp goes into free xp, otherwise you have to use gold to transfer xp to free xp. Like stated above, that's a lot of real money, and a lot of grinding in low tier/premium tank.

So really, I'd recommend going up the tree normally. It's free, and you'll learn the ins and outs of the game pretty well. My only beef with the way the tech tree was revised is that if you go the Pz III route, you miss out on the great Pz IV. If you go the Pz IV route, you'll be stuck in the Pz 38 NA (personally not that fun a tank). Either route on the tech tree will get you to the Tiger, though.

As for the Tiger, I personally love mine, but because of its opponents in the game and balance issues, it doesn't stand out as much as it did in WWII. Remember, this is not a sim.

GAMEOFDEATH #4 Posted Oct 16 2011 - 05:23


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This is my sons account(ive grinded to tiger (p)=FUN FUN FUN
the guy who siad wished i had a lowe instead ill never know becuase the tiger rocks (compared to LTracktor rofl ;} )
we figured you had to grind but we were just wondering

anny way its been alot of fun in the week or so weve been on together
anny hows back to :Smile-izmena:  for us
ty for info people

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