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Suggestion: Precision Boring directive (crew) | +15% Shell velocity

suggestion feature enhancement shell velocity directive

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Alkdarf #1 Posted Sep 20 2021 - 18:07


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I think it would be interesting to have a crew directive (affecting the loader or gunner) that would improve shell velocity by 15% and I call it: Precision Boring. You're basically getting a better "thread" to your gun hence improving the speed at which the shells get expelled.


For example, this would make the Skoda T 45 standard AP round jump from 995 m/s to 1144 m/s comparable to the Progetto 54. It would mean Heat rounds would go from 600 m/s to 690 m/s nothing OP but an improvement none the less.


That's it, that's the suggestion.


SquishySupreme #2 Posted Sep 23 2021 - 09:35


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Boring quality only affects accuracy.  A longer barrel will increase speed but at the cost of traverse speed and weight.(as well as clearance in RL, but WG seems to have made it so that barrels never run into things)  Another way is to increase the pressure but make the gun a single shot, as they can typically withstand an extra 10-15K PSI by design.  A third way is "hot" rounds with a chance of catastrophic failure, but is rarely used for obvious reasons.

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279eRRoR_no_Penetration #3 Posted Sep 29 2021 - 14:31


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could give the shell a hot load [more propellent] but more dangerous lol

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