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'105' minions unleashed

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Ironclad73 #21 Posted Nov 27 2021 - 16:46


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View PostArmorStorm, on Nov 26 2021 - 17:14, said:

First game this morning had 24 of the little vk 105s in it, the other 6 were also light tanks...it was hilarious!

I was on Cliff last night with 10 on each team, most all trying for the lighthouse, pretty fun to watch.

ArmorStorm #22 Posted Nov 27 2021 - 18:54


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View Posttankcraft07, on Nov 27 2021 - 08:07, said:


If it calms down then I'll retract my Breaking the game comment. But this is what I was talking about. I just drive forward and get out of that battle as soon as possible. I don't do mario carts

It’s not like this is the new meta or anything.  If you can’t enjoy a few silly matches while playing a game I feel a little bad for you.  I miss the more open MM of several years ago:  mismatched numbers of tank types, queue dumps, occasional 4-5 arty matches or 5-6 lights…all good fun if it doesn’t happen all the time. 

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