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Jkl22d #1 Posted Oct 17 2011 - 22:15


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After playing a week so far with my SU-5 despite what ive heard and from playing with the other tier 4 SPGs this is probly the best ive played out of the three. The accuracy is great as with the rate of fire which makes up for the poor range and damage. Today will be my last day with the SU-5 and I will miss it greatly and so far today ive got three top guns in a row.....  :) I would defeintly reccomend this SPG to anyone who wants a good SPG so get this !!!

Lunaris #2 Posted Oct 17 2011 - 22:39

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I don't think so.

SU 5 is the only spg equipped with mortar. It has good accuracy high angle but short range. It will hit top of the tank most of the time. The gold ammo also surprisingly cheap for it class, the reason why its ammo limited only 14 because it wont be funny to ammo rack tier 8 heavies with its top attack, good accuracy HEAT ammo.

I play one just to master the art of Mortar combat. I play for fun and after I master mortar combat or get bored of it, I'll send the crew to Su 152.

Playing Mortar wont be good for your arty learning because high tier Spg will use naval gun with longer range but low angle.

Brawl987 #3 Posted Oct 29 2011 - 03:31


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I totally agree dude. I actually really enjoyed the SU-5. Despite only having 14 rounds (which isn't that bad, actually) it is very accurate and hard to hit at range due to its small size. Teaches to be smart with your ammo. Of course, that's the second commandment of artillery:

Thou shalt not Waste thy Ammo.

I just ignore anyone who says the SU-8 is crap, because it isn't.

I've only played a few arties, but this one is by far my favorite.

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