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Looking for a Tourney Team

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Baddy_ #1 Posted Aug 05 2022 - 20:56


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Title says it, I've been looking for a group of players that regularly run tournaments, moreso the bond earning tourneys such as the upcoming 6v6 Tier X. Leaving reward/special vehicles out of the picture, I've got the VZ, CS, 50B, 277, E3, 103B, SConq as the 'meta', as well as plenty more such as German superheavies, STB/TVP, E5, B-C25t and things of the sort. 

Preferably aiming for a group of players around my skill level, I currently play between a 2300-2500 WN8 level and trying to improve with the aspirations of someday being a genuine purple lol. My PC's aux jack is 'jacked' so comms are a bit of an issue, however if disc is used as a comms method I can easily join via phone and communicate fully. I can also use TS and listen, however not speak. 

Feel free to message me here if you're interested in getting me involved with your team. 

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