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Faster Track Discount got better! (50 B)

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IndygoEEI #1 Posted Aug 06 2022 - 00:00


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If you own the 50B Javan Rhino style, you can get this package for 3,172 Gold.  Compared to

last time it's even better.  Here's what you get in it...


To break this down you get the following in concrete gold value...

30 days Premium (2500 gold)
Made in France Style (700, Sellable for 140K credits)

18 total Customizations (900 gold total, Sellable for a total 180K Credits)


Total gold value:  4100 Gold plus bonus Missions for 50b


Here's the Bonus mission for the AMX 50b in reserves.  It's the same as the mission on the

above right and is essentially that missions rewards times two.  The Crew Training Reserve

is 300% for 1 hour...

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