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Markd73 #81 Posted Aug 16 2022 - 17:57


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View Post__BillyJack__, on Aug 16 2022 - 16:21, said:

Ty..the other guy up there doesnt have a clue :trollface:


This coming from the guy who said:


"Shut up. I don't like you and neither do I."




slabski #82 Posted Aug 16 2022 - 19:07


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View Post__BillyJack__, on Aug 16 2022 - 17:51, said:

Ya can't get any experience just doing nothing. But hey, it's your game. My opinion is too many play for stats rather than fun. Sitting around not wanting to mix it up a bit would bore me to death.

Its not so much playing for stats, but using stats to show where improvements can be made in ones game.   The longer you are in the game, the more you can "mix it up"  and doing more than your hit points in damage, means you at least dealt out as much as you got.  And that is "fun"  IMO.  Two or three shots and back to garage is not my idea of fun and that was what I used to do before I started learning from "stats" and some of the better players.  Cheers 


This was fun "mixing it up"



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dunniteowl #83 Posted Aug 16 2022 - 22:36


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For the record: Survive DOES NOT EQUAL Hide.


It means stay alive.  You do that by not being spotted, by getting into cover when spotted, by angling your armor effectively, by not being where others expect you to be (blind fired deaths are not fun unless you're the one getting them) and by extricating yourself from bad situations before they become traps.


Survive, means STAY ALIVE.  it does not mean HIDE.


Hope that clears it up for you, Tin Soldier and Car Man.  (no disrespect intended, just working on that non-redundant verbiage)






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